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Apps are becoming an important and common facet to establishing, interacting with, and maintaining a following for a company, organization or social movement. short for "application," and app is a type of software that can be installed and/or run on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other electronic devices. An app most frequently refers to a mobile application or a piece of software that is installed and used on a computer. Most apps are designed with a specific and/or narrow function or purpose in mind.

custom apps


From social media or entertainment to business productivity or operations, apps are important to business owners and businesses and end users. For several years, Grey Goose Graphics has designed, developed, and maintained apps for a variety of projects under the Grey Goose Graphics name as well as g3Coding. Projects include our own public safety app which is used by organizations throughout North America, conference/event apps with agendas, information, and participant interactions, and traffic ticket diversion programs in use by district attorneys/counties to address traffic tickets to minimize the impact to the court system and administrative staff.

Types of Apps

The following are the two common types of apps in use today:
Web-based app
A web-based app is an application that requires internet access for complete use. These types of apps are coded in JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS. A web-based app typically requires a much smaller amount of memory space in a user's device because the databases are stored on the Internet server. Examples of web-based apps include Netflix, Google Docs and Dropbox. We have focused much of our development with this type of app as it is less expensive to develop, deploy and maintain than a native app.
Native app
Apps that are created for a certain mobile platform are known as native applications. For example, an app that is made for an Apple iPhone will only be usable on Apple devices and would not work on other types of mobile phones, such as Android. These types of apps are primarily used to provide the highest performance on a particular mobile operating system. With the many options for end user devices, organizations who desire a mainstream following and wish to have a native app must develop apps on several platforms. The replication adds to the expense and complexity of development, maintenance, registration, distribution, etc.
custom apps

Distribution and Marketing

There are several different ways to get an app depending on its type. Typically for native apps they are distributed to the app store that corresponds with the type of mobile device they have. For example, if you had an Apple iPhone app, you would distribute it to the Apple store for iPhone users to download your app directly from the App Store that is on the phone. For Android devices, distribution would be done to the Google Play Store and Amazon's Amazon Appstore. For web-based apps, the app is hosted on a server and users connect using a web URL.

No matter what type of app you have or where it is distributed to, an important part of the plan and process is the inclusion of a marketing plan/strategy for your app. From linking it from a website, promoting it on social media, or perhaps email marketing, the availability of your app needs to be communicated to your user group.

Apps can range from hundreds of dollars to several thousands of dollars depending on the complexity of the function, type of app, distribution, and marketing plan. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion about your project and learn how we can exceed your expectations with app development at Grey Goose Graphics.

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