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Search Engine Optimization

Not all websites are created equal!

With the always increasing competition for one's time, having a website is only part of the equation. Your site needs to be seen by the people who matter most. While your target audience may be active looking for you, many other opportunities may present from your listing within the search engines.

SEO Reports

Search Engine Optimization is a specialized process.

It begins with a quality constructed site that is built to enhance/encourage indexing by the search engines. It must include solid code and proper placement of the content. Carefully constructed content which correspond to keywords, phrases, and the coded corresponding tags is essential.

There are several other actions you can take to further enhance your organic search engine optimization. These include but are not limited to:

  • Pay attention to word count. This is something Google continues to waiver on which can have an impact on your SEO.
  • Update your site frequently. This will continue to stimulate the bots and crawlers and improve relevancy and authority scoring.
  • Integrate an ACTIVE YouTube Channel. Google owns YouTube. They will reward you for this connection. (Again, the channel needs to be active. If is dormant, you can actually create a bigger issue by integrating it.)
  • Integrate Social Media Feeds and Icons… Again, they should be active and integrated properly to get the maximum benefit from this activity.
  • Work on building links… Link to your friends, vendors, suppliers, etc. and have them link to you. This is a time-consuming task, but one that can generate some quick rewards.
  • Use a directory management system… make sure your content is consistent and current!
  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly. If it’s not, it will come up well below other sites in your category which are mobile friendly.
  • Make sure your site is ADA compliant. A newer recommendation from Google, but one which will quickly differentiate between sites across the web.
  • Make sure your site is unique. Sites with their own photos vs. stock, and unique text (vs. copying content from others) will always score higher. (It’s also illegal to use other’s content (text, photos, video, etc.) without written permission. (It also can be expensive if the owners find out and file a judgement against you.)

At Grey Goose Graphics our team can help get you started on your way to success. Should you required more specialized services, we also have long standing relationships with many specialists in this area which may assist you further.

Please note: There are many scams on the internet revolving around search engine optimization. Companies and individuals offer many services at a variety of price points and will guarantee you results every time.

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