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AV Services

Audio / Video Services

Since 2006, Grey Goose Graphics has built a reputation of providing exemplary customer service, delivering a quality product, and maximizing our clients’ return on investment. On a regular basis, we work on projects with an event component. These projects range from a small presentation to an executive board or development of a formal, printed annual report to an educational conference or company meeting. We realized early on that there was an unmet need for some services, and other services we could simply improve on. Specifically, clients had limited options for full-service AV Services, available options were expensive, and integrating these services with their specific needs was a hassle.

In 2010, we began offering AV services to our clients. Now, in addition to assisting with the event marketing, registration, and promotional aspects of events, we can help you manage the production part of your event. If your presentation, seminar, or meeting requires Audio Visual Services, we can help. Let our team determine the best configuration for your event, bring the proper equipment, set it up, run it, and break it down.

We routinely work with clients whose needs vary from a small meeting (>20 people) to medium size conferences (250-400 attendees), and everything in between.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • High Definition, High Resolution LCD Projectors
  • Multiple Laptops for presenter use (Windows)
  • Wireless Remotes / Laser Pointers
  • Front and Rear Projection Screen Options (Up to 14’)
  • Amplified Audio Solutions (Wired and Wireless)
  • Wired and Wireless Microphones
  • 60”+ Flat Panel Monitors on Elevated Stands
  • Floor Monitors / Timers for presenter Feedback
  • Audio Mixing
  • Video Switching
  • Camera Configurations for Audience Participation Simulcasting
  • Full Streaming Capabilities

We own our equipment, we know it is well taken care of, maintained, and ready for use. Our gear is more reliable than working with a rental agency or hotel that simply signs gear in and out of a closet. We also create deliberate redundancy in our planning and set up for your event with the intent of minimizing any outages or issues during your event.

Should your venue or event require equipment above and beyond our internal offerings, we have established relationships with reputable service providers who can assist you with everything from staging and advanced lighting to specialty projection options. A couple items which are occasionally requested that we do not currently have are rear projection screens larger than 14’ and venue uplighting options.

Please note that we are not an equipment rental agency. Our service includes all the required equipment and staffing throughout your event.