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Video Production Capabilities


Video Production Capabilities

Video is the most powerful tool
in your marketing arsenal. It’s the best way to tell your story, show your product in action, and connect with your audience. We’re here to help you do it right.
Grey Goose Graphics
is proud to be leading the pack with state of the art video acquisition and professional editing.
Effective way to engage
Video has been proven to be the most effective way to engage consumers, clients, or audiences across the world. When implemented properly video can also be used to evaluate this engagement and understand what not only what your audience is responding to.
Grey Goose Graphics, LLC Show Reel
Click on the BLUE PLAY BUTTON above to view a showreel of the many examples of our work. Visit our YouTube page to see more of our delivered projects.

Think about it. People remember ...

Viewer message acceptance comparison
Research has shown that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% when reading the same message in text.
Let our team help bring your video to life. From assisting with content and script development, coordinating locations, the technical acquisition and professional editing, we have the knowledge and experience to not only exceed your expectations but to it in a way which will maximize your return on investment.
Our helpful crew not only has the technical expertise but the common sense and interpersonal skills to make your production a positive and memorable experience. While some clients enjoy being involved in their project every step of the way, others may wish to have minimal involvement. No matter what your preference is, out team will work with you to ensure that the final production meets your needs and appropriately represents you as directed.
Our gear is state of the art. Our team is formally trained and experienced.
Our equipment capabilities include:
  • Multiple Canon DSLR Configurations and Cameras
  • Multiple SONY Mirrorless Camera with Digital Audio
  • Multiple Fluid Head Tripods
  • Glass Refractory Teleprompters
  • GoPro action cameras for those hard to access vantage points
  • Drone capabilities with 4K abilities
  • Slider System
  • Tracking Dollies
  • Professional, heavy duty, crane / jib with over 14' reach.
  • Steadi-Cam & other camera stabilization devices.
  • Portable Green Screens, Backdrops, etc.
  • Fully Adjustable / Configurable, portable LED Lighting
  • Specialty Lighting
  • Wireless and Wired Audio Acquisition and Recording Capabilities
We have the gear to capture any scenario you can imagine, whether it’s a construction site, on an aircraft or water vessel, on the roadway with motorcycles, sports cars, fire trucks or any kind of vehicle, on-person cams, such as helmets or chest mounts. We also have some options for capturing video in inclement weather.


Our Endwell, NY editing suite is designed to allow client’s the opportunity to participate in the editing process should they choose to be. We have some client’s that prefer to be involved in the selection of specific camera angles, rough cutting footage, and making several editing decisions throughout their production. While not required, we have found with some productions this can be an effective solution for controlling costs, reducing overall edit times or accelerating projects when time is of concern.
If you are looking for a production company for your video project, or may have an idea you are having difficulty creating a project plan for your video shoot, we can help. Contact Us for a no-obligation discussion about your project!
man looking at the screen

Since 2006 we have been the Video Production studio of choice for client and organizations throughout Greater Binghamton and the Southern Tier

Consider us for any video needs you have. We have the following proven experience and more:

  • Informative: education, training, public service announcements
  • Documentary: corporate events, awards, school events, performing arts, family events, celebrations (At this time we DO NOT do wedding videography).
  • Legal: depositions, fire/accident scene surveys, wills, settlements, mediation, household inventories, property survey & recovery support.
  • Business Services: commercials, web video, ”explainer” videos, demonstrations, proof of concept, business meetings, conferences, presentations.
  • Creative: short films, sequences, episodic productions.

Should you have a last-minute video capture need, we keep our equipment in a ready state and can often respond to spur-of-the-moment requests in a matter of minutes from our Broome County location. (Obviously some limitations exist.)

If you are looking for a new video for your business or organization or to update a long running commercial with a fresh look and feel, or of you are not happy with something you currently showcase, contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about how to add inspiration to your project and help develop a solution that will exceed your expectations.