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Still Video

We realize that sometimes video is not the answer... It may not be in the budget, there may not be time to complete a full production, or it may not be the effect or look a client desires. The use of still imagery and animation can sometimes create a more impactful outcome.
We offer a solution in which still photos are used to create a custom presentation. With the combined use of animation and still imagery, these presentations take on a new life of their own. They are built similar to a slide show or power point presentation however our software suite has endless combinations of styles, transitions and special effect capabilities to transition photos, text and other content into a multimedia presentation that will keep the viewer engaged to the end.
We routinely produce still video for a variety of occasions including birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, retirements, awards and recognition events, graduation receptions and parties, and rolling displays for corporate events, marketing/trade shows.
We also get several requests per year to create these for memorial services and funerals. They are often played at the funeral home during the wake or calling hours, as part of a memorial service, or after a funeral at a luncheon or reception. We understand that many times, unlike a planned celebration or ceremony having to plan for a funeral is an unexpected event and there is a very short timeline. Do not let this prevent you from contacting us to see if we can help. More often than not, we have the capability and capacity to turn projects like this around very quickly.
If you are contemplating having us produce a still video for you, please consider the following:
  1. You’ll need content.
    • Images (Photos and graphics) are the most common items included.
      • Using digital images is the quickest, but we also can scan your images.
      • Our items go through a scanner with rollers. If we are scanning images for you, they can not be matted, framed, etc.
      • Images can be displayed as singles or up to 12 images on a frame. Frame rates can be 3-45 seconds in length. For planning purposes, you need approximately 10-15 images per finished minute.
    • Audio
      • Music may be added to your production.
      • As a commercial company, we need to abide by copyright laws.
        • Any audio we supply will come from a royalty free library which we have permission to use, or we will purchase the proper audio files for you.
        • If you supply audio, you will need to sign an affidavit attesting that you are the owner of the audio file and/or have permission to use the file in the production you are asking us to complete.
        • If you have any questions about audio, please contact us.
    • Video
      • Short video clips (typically less than 30 seconds in duration) may also be included in your production.
  2. Quality Matters.
  3. When providing us with images, audio, video, or graphics, please keep in mind that the quality of the final production is directly related to the quality of content provided to us.
We are a full production studio. Should you need help developing content, perhaps editing something special to include, or color correcting an existing photo or video, ask us… We are happy to help and look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Contact us today to talk to you about your project and discuss a solution which will exceed your expectations.