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A web site is never "done"! Your web site should be a consistent and current reflection of you, your business, organization, or club. It should reflect your mission and vision, your services, or activities as well as other aspects defined during the implementation of your site. While we work hard to make your site appear timeless, as you offer new services, change your operating structure, pricing or team, your site should be updated. It's important to be telling the same story whether face to face, in print, or on the web. Inconsistency can lead to many problems.

We spend a lot of time and energy reminding and working with clients to keep their sites up to date. This is important for many reasons. Why?!

We are glad you asked!!!

The web around you is also always evolving. As the "younger" generations are now growing up with the web, the expansion is happening at an incredible rate. The "experts" say 1.4 million new web sites are launched around the world every day! (And we thought we were busy!) People of all ages are depending on the web more and more as part of their daily lives. This has been happening so much that traditional items like phone books, newspapers, and encyclopedias are not only feeling the pressure, but are disappearing each day. If you are not on the web, you a missing many opportunities. If you are on the web and your information is outdated, you are not only also missing opportunities, but misinformation could be hurting you! A related issue to be considered is making sure your site is found. Older sites and/or sites developed by the non-professionals may not be optimized for search engine detection or indexing. If this is the case, you may have a visually appealing site, current with your information, but it may be hard to find you on the web.

Planning Website Design and Build

If your site is visible to the search engines, did you know that the search engines not only look at your site, the content on your site and how it's constructed, but the interval since your last updates? The longer the interval, the lower the ranking as many sites from years ago still remain intact online but have basically been abandoned. When the search engines do not see updates, they limit the traffic and move your listing down in search returns as their confidence in currency and relevancy drops. It's hard to recover from this situation, don't let it happen to you!

New clients or clients who we've just launched a new site are sometime hesitant to the concept of needing to update their sites. It’s not something that has to happen every day and we don't believe in just making an update without a reason. We do everything reasonable to minimize the expense of updates for our clients. Site owners should plan on at least quarterly updates to satisfy current search engine algorithms, but update sites as soon as new information becomes available.

If you are coming to us with a pre-existing site, no problem! We will work with you to get your site in shape and drive as much traffic as possible to your site.

Need ideas, help developing your updated text content, or maybe with a touching up or creating a new graphic or photo??? Let us know we can help! We've added or removed staff to photos, painted an office, and even gave someone a new hair style. Sometimes we can provide a solution to an issue you may have not considered! We also offer full-service video production for company overviews, explainer videos, interviews and more.

If you are looking to design a new site, update your current site, schedule regular maintenance of an existing site or to address concerns with a "do it yourself" created site,we can help. Contact us today and let our team exceed your expectations!

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