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Our Studio

Grey Goose Graphics, LLC is a client focused multimedia advertising agency located in Endwell, New York. We were established in 2006 by John J. Hussar with an initial focus on providing web design and development for local businesses and non-profits. As our client base grew, so did the demand for additional services which fueled the growth of our company as well as our product offerings.
Today our experienced team of professionals provides a full range of services to support a variety of programs, projects, and organizations throughout the North America.
We specialize in the creation of custom solutions and products in the areas of new web site development; existing web site maintenance; web hosting management; company identity & branding; graphic design; video production; marketing; and specialized consulting services. We are experts in assisting organizations with the development of their organization’s branding, marketing, and storytelling opportunities. We help organizations develop marketing campaigns, messaging and products which not only aligns with their mission, vision and values but is congruent with their overall philosophy, strategy, and tactics.
Years of
Grey Goose Graphics is a Certified Small Business and registered with the United States System for Award Management (SAM). Our SIC codes are 7310,7311, 7812, 7819, 7822, 8200. NAICS 512110, 512120, 512191, 512199, 541921 and 711510. Cage code (CCR#) 7E7P8
Since our inception we have focused on three guiding principles which we believe not only continues to contribute to our success in obtaining new clients but has provided us an above industry retention of clients. (Many have been with us for 10 years or more, and several since we started in 2006.) While these principles are common sense and expressed by many, we believe it’s our laser focus on their delivery that separates us from our competitors.
  1. We provide exemplary customer service. Specifically, we are quick to respond to email and phone calls, we provide accurate marketing information and responses, along with welcoming every opportunity to grow a relationship with a client.
  2. We deliver quality, state of the art products. We embrace the latest technology and routinely expand on our knowledge and techniques to remain on the bleeding edge of our industry. We strive to exceed client expectations with every deliverable.
  3. We maximize our client’s return on investment. As a small business in an always evolving economy, we know the challenges clients of all sizes face. For our studio to remain competitive is simply insufficient. It is important we exceed expectations and define value for our clients. The value we provide is considered with each interaction we have with our clients.

These principles have been internalized by our team and allows us to deliver on our mission:

Grey Goose Graphics facilitates our client’s success by providing quality web, video, design and other affiliated advertising services as well as strategic business consulting.

As well as keeping us focused on our vision:

Our vision is to make our offerings affordable to diverse organizations of all sizes to maximize their return on investment while continually growing our offerings and remaining a well-respected, sought-after resource in our region.
While there are numerous factors which make us successful, our core values provide us daily guidance in our activities and decision making:

Our Team Members

  • We value the individual, their unique personality, experience, and perspective.
    • Individuals bring value to our organization.
  • We believe in the importance of Family First.
    • This need to be a priority at all levels
  • We believe that relationships are built and maintained when all parties receive a benefit.
    • Benefits take many forms, including intrinsic and extrinsic value
    • Wages and other compensation shall be appropriate, fair, and consistent for all.

Our Studio

  • We must be efficient with our workflow and provide solutions that work.
  • We must be present, ready to work and prepared to succeed daily.
  • We must strive to maximize our proficiency today and explore our improvement for tomorrow with our tools, techniques, and application of technology.

Our Consumers & Vendors

  • Without them, we have no studio, and the team will not exist.
  • To obtain and retain consumers we must ALWAYS rely on our guiding principles.
    • Provide exemplary customer service.
    • Deliver quality, state of the art solutions.
    • Maximize the client’s return on investment.
  • We must stay focused on our clients today while preparing them for tomorrow.
  • Not every consumer or vendor may be the right one for us. Being selective in establishing/maintaining or discontinuing a business relationship should be a conscious, deliberate decision.

“We have built our company on the basic goal of exceeding expectations. If your current agency or vendor is not exceeding yours, you should be talking with us.” – John Hussar


Our History

Our story begins in 2006 with our founder looking for a change. After over two decades in Emergency Services, a successful and lucrative employment with big pharma, and working for various organizations, the search was on for something that would combine science and technology with art along with a consistent demand for services and potential income to support a relatively young family.
An interest in the web combined with a formal program of study became the foundation for the company as it exists today.
Google’s purchase of YouTube only seven months after opening our studio became a catalyst for growth with the importance of video emerging across the globe. Additional course work, investment in equipment and hiring our first employee jump started our expanded offerings for our clients and paved the way for our continued growth.
History Picture
Since 2006, our service offerings have continued to expand. With an increasing client base, we have grown our team and formalized our operations with many internal policies and procedures all aimed at providing exemplary service and maximizing our client’s return on investment.
Over the years, the size of our team has changed to accommodate increases in the demand for services as well as the departure of team members for various reasons. The consistency of our clients combined with our internal practices has allowed for the continual delivery of services and many improvements along the way.
For many years in a row, we experienced consistent growth. Growth in the number of clients, growth in the projects being delivered, and growth in our presence in the regional and national markets.
We continued to exceed many of our goals year after year by sticking true to our mission, vision, values, and operating principles. We were recognized for our success by our Chamber of Commerce, organization awards from individual clients, and we obtain several word-of-mouth referrals each month from existing clients.
Despite having what we thought was a diversified portfolio of clients and service offerings, the COVID-19 Pandemic was a catastrophe for many in our business sector as well as our organization. We are proud to have kept our team intact, on the payroll, with benefits, connected remotely to the studio until it was deemed safe for us to return to the workplace. We used company reserves to not only keep our company functioning but provide training and education to our team in preparation for an anticipated surge of business following the pandemic.
Since 2020, we have realigned our offerings, improved our efficiency; Today we continue to offer diverse services while leading the way with responsiveness and competitive price points. We are excited to remain a highly sought-after agency in the region and continue to welcome new clients.

Our Core Team

Our team has a diverse background. This diversity allows us to complete your project with greater effectiveness and efficiency, thus providing you with a more cost-effective solution.

Our experienced project team leaders have repeatedly demonstrated their strong business backgrounds, ability to multi-task on projects, and meet deadlines. They are proficient with numerous project management tools which will focus their strengths on the requirements of your project. Whether you are a client in our region or located across the country, our project team leaders will keep you informed of your projects progress on an interval you determine so you will be aware of the progress on your project from start to finish.

John J. Hussar
Partner / Operations Lead
John J. Hussar
MaryLou Hussar
MaryLou Hussar
Ivan Synevskyy
Production Team Lead – Digital
Ivan Synevskyy
Howie Lauretti
Production Team Lead - Visual
Howie Lauretti

We consistently bring value to our clients in many ways and have built our company on the goal of exceeding expectations. If you feel your current agency or vendor is not exceeding yours, we welcome the opportunity to change that for you.


The Goose

We are often asked about the origin of our name and if it relates to a company who sells vodka… the short answer is no.

We pride ourselves on emulating a New England culture. Wherever you go in New England, it's not surprising to see a goose. They are found in many areas and often have adapted to their local surroundings and situations.

Grey Goose Graphics logo

The Canadian goose is known for its strength, commitment, and perseverance. It will fly several hundred miles a day during migration, aggressively defend its territory during the hatching of its goslings, and work collectively as part of a team to maintain the well know V-shaped formation while in flight.

We bring similar qualities to your project and invite you to contact us to see for yourself.