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Product Photography

In 2015, Time Magazine reported that the average attention span of a gold fish was 9 seconds and that humans had a less than 8 second attention span. The researchers expected this to continue to diminish over time as we become an increasingly digital dependent society. Whether it’s 8 seconds or 8 minutes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it positive and memorable with quality product photos from Grey Goose Graphics!

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Our experienced photography team has worked with designers, manufacturers, and retailers to create photo assets used with a variety of final products and display mediums.

A product shoot should start well before a camera is touched. It’s important to identify not only what is being photographed but why? Where will the photos go? Are their specific requirements for size, resolution, aspect ratio? Are they going to remain in full color, or will they need to be converted to grey scale? Will they end up on a small package or website, or do the need to be shot with consideration for a print or digital billboard? Are you shooting a product line where you need consistency? Will you be adding to the line later and will images need to be replicated using the same settings, lighting, etc.? It’s important to understand the focal point or differentiating factors of a product. It’s also important to understand any flaw or perspective which should be avoided.

Working with a photographer who is not taking the time to understand and plan before shooting, could result in an expensive experience and ultimately impact your costs in the future. There are many talented photographers who can capture single images all day long. When you need consistency, experience, and training matters!

At Grey Goose Graphics we own all our equipment. Our various camera bodies, prime and adjustable focal width lenes, multiple flash configurations and a variety of lighting options allows us many options when shooting in one of our several lightboxes, shooting with a white or green screen, or shooting in a natural environment. Be wary of the photographer renting gear on a per shoot basis. Unless it’s a specialty piece of gear for something out of the ordinary, you want a team who uses their gear repeatedly and understands how to leverage the technology to yield the best result for you in as short of time as possible.

Our photographers have the skills both behind the lens and in the editing suite to create the photos which will present your product in a professional and consistent manner.

Group of Products Photo Variation
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Contrary to popular belief, quality product photos do not need to be expensive or take months to shoot. Let us help you develop a plan to showcase your products.