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Hosting Management

Web site Hosting Management is becoming more complex. With many companies boasting of the benefits of their services, hosting packages, and all-inclusive deals, keeping up on comparison prices is something you should entrust to us.

Hosting management is just one service which sets us apart from our competition. We'll work to find you the best deal. Like anything in life, you should be getting what you pay for, paying for what you need, and getting the service and support you expect. We have no vested interest where your site is hosted. If your hosting is an issue, it really doesn't matter what your web site looks like... potential customers, clients, or visitors will never find you!

We offer initial domain name development, domain searches, brokering, registrations, domain transfers & renewals, hosting initialization, email account management, regular monitoring of your subscribed service’s expirations and hosting utilization as directed by the client. Losses in productivity from an interruption in your email or web hosting are more than an inconvenience. There is not much worse than the loss of a domain name due to an expired registration.

Hosting Servers Management

We believe the biggest value we provide by managing web hosting is our ability to address an issue appropriately, efficiently, and effectively. Because of our volume of web clients, we have relationships with engineers, sales staff, and support personnel at several hosting companies. Many of them we have access to outside of traditional business hours. Combine the fact that we have relationships, accessibility, and speak their language, we typically can resolve a hosting issue in a fraction of the time that it would take a client to phone in on a publicly advertised support line.

If you are having issues with your hosting, or think you are paying too much (many of our competitors mark up the hosting before the invoice you for it…) contact us today for a no-obligation assessment!

A note about Web-Hosting...

We do not host web sites ourselves. There are very few studios, agencies, or web site development corporations who have been successful in the design and development areas as well as able to offer comprehensive and quality hosting services. We have aligned our studio with several comprehensive hosting providers and have many options available to host your website at the right company for the right price.

If you are looking for or considering a hosting package, make sure you explore and understand:

  • What type of redundancy and restoration services do they provide?
  • What type of tech support is included and when is it available?
  • What is the true cost of these services? (Many are not as inclusive as they advertise!)