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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Design and Management

In today’s digital world, organizations often forget about the effectiveness of direct mail. There is a reason that year after year your mailboxes are flooded with political campaign mailings… they work! And if they are done right, they can not only be effective, but affordable.

Like any medium, direct mail has advantages and disadvantages.

Consider the advantages:

  • Bulk Pricing for large quantity printing and mailing.
  • Fully addressable to your targeted demographic. Target consumers by their:
    • zip code or mail route.
    • interests, income, political affiliation, or other interests.
  • Cost effective production per item.
  • Precise scheduling for delivery.

Like any media, there are a few disadvantages:

  • Fluctuating pricing based on:
    • Supply /availability of paper & ink.
    • Postage.
    • Demand for list data in your target group.
mail box
The process is straight forward:
Establishing goals, messaging, budget, & timeline.
Selecting targeted recipients.
Selecting & designing mail product.
Selecting mail vendor based on the project requirements.
Managing the mailing process.

While each of these steps on the surface seems straight forward, there are many potential pitfalls that can have a straightforward project headed sideways very quickly. Things like the size of the printed piece being as little as an eighth of an inch or the address bar code being shifted too far from the address can not only bring a project to a stop but result in an added expense to address the issue.

Let our team put their experience and proven track record of success to work for you and help you manage your direct mail campaigns. We’ve built our reputation on providing exemplary customer service, delivering a quality product, and maximizing our client’s return on investment. Direct mail is one service that clients will see a significant savings using our studio than trying to go it alone or work with one of our competitors.