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Popular Questions

  • I want a new website. Where do I begin?

    Prior to contacting a web designer, we recommend you think about your individual needs and goals related to the creation of your web site. Web sites designed to inform a consumer, sell a product, or pass on general information will all have different characteristics and features. Having a basic idea of your needs is important before scheduling your first meeting.

    We also suggest you visit multiple web sites and bring their addresses to your first meeting; this helps us understand the styles you prefer, what inspires you, and quickly understand your likes & dislikes.

    Of course, if you feel you aren’t sure or need guidance, we’re happy to help. We include some basic consulting time in our pricing but can always expand on this to accommodate the special needs a client may have.

    We use a consistent analogy that building a web site is very similar to building a home. We like to think of ourselves as the architects, builders, and finished craftsmen who will provide you with someplace your clients, friends and family will visit for years to come. The first step starts with ideas, budgets, and rough estimates.

  • Do I really need a contract?

    Yes. We execute contracts with each of our clients as we believe in clearly defining everyone's expectations up front.

    We focus on delivering exemplary customer service. We believe things like surprises, misunderstandings, and lack of communication are all contributors to a poor customer experience. While any contract cannot address every possibility, we believe it's an essential part of living up to your expectations.

  • How long does it take you to build a website?

    There are many variables in determining the turn-around time on a web site project. From the completion of the design process, content development, and site programming, testing, and development of any custom features, there are many opportunities for delays and setbacks.

    We have found that our biggest variable in this time is the commitment of the client in building their site. We have worked with clients who had the time, desire, and organizational skills and created sites in less than a week. We have also had clients who all stated they had the time, desire, and commitment, but once the project started, other things took precedence and site builds took six months or more.

    At the time of contract execution, we will give you an estimated completion dated based on the availability of your content, our workload, and specific needs of your project.

  • Why can’t my project be completed quicker?

    We are hearing this more frequently these days. Like life itself, our studio is constantly evolving and changing. As we grow, we strive continue to deliver exceptional customer service, exceed client expectations, and demonstrate a positive return on our client’s investments. Sometimes to do this, we need to slow things down a bit or delay a new project. We make every effort at producing products on a reliable timeline, and truly value the responsibility our clients provide us.

    While it would be easy to just hire more people, we are very passionate about our client relationships, meticulous about out work, and focused on customer service. As we grow, we turn away several talented individuals for every one designer, artist, photographer, or programmer we may utilize on our client projects. Our owners remain involved on every project.

    Although you might complain we are booked for the time frame you are looking for to produce a new project, we ask your understanding and patience. If you are the owner of the project you are working on, we know you appreciate the fact that we sometimes convey “We are booked!”

  • Do you host the websites yourself?

    No. We do not host web sites ourselves. There are very few studios, agencies, or web site development corporations who have been successful in the design and development areas as well as able to offer comprehensive and quality hosting services. We work with specialized companies who offer the speed, quality, customer service, and competitive pricing which you should expect from any hosting provider, but only get with a very few.

  • How much does a website cost?

    This is like asking a builder how much it costs to build a house. Like a builder, we need to know many details of what you are looking for in your construction project. The foundation, structure, and finishing touches each have associated costs and can be modified for your individual needs or desires. This customizing creates a very diverse price range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. We no longer offer package deals, our work is done on a hourly basis. (Time & Materials) Please contact us to obtain estimated pricing for your individual project, but don't be surprised if we ask you a bunch of questions before we can give you a quote!

  • What if I want my deposit back?

    If at any time you wish to receive your deposit back or stop work, it is imperative you contact us by phone and follow it up by US mail. We will halt all work upon notification.

    Clients are responsible for all work completed up to the time of cancellation. If the hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours is less than the amount of the deposit, the difference will be returned to you. If the amount is greater, you will be billed for this amount.

  • Will you come to my office?

    We do work with many clients in their place of business. (Unless other arrangements are made in advance, clients will be billed for all time beyond the initial consultation meeting.) Travel expenses may apply for those outside of Greater Binghamton. Please contact us for details.

  • Will you build my site for free or barter?

    The short answer is no.

    Like any responsible organization, we provide support to our community in many ways. Our team is connected to the community and giving back is something our owners do on a regular basis.

    We have worked with many individuals and organizations with limited budgets and created results which exceeded their expectations.

  • Who will actually build or maintain my site?

    This is an important question to ask, and we only wish it were asked of all web design/development companies.

    At Grey Goose Graphics we are involved with your project every step of the way. Our employees (not sub-contractors) will manage your project and be intimately involved in the build and maintenance of your site from day one.

    We are pleased to share that 99% of our projects are built entirely within our studio. This is important in not only maximizing your return on investment but also being able to provide you with a quality project and stand behind it should something need revision or modification in the future. (The 1% we do not, is typically when we need to perform something complex outside of our team’s skill set.)

    Be very cautious of the company who sells you a site but does not actually build them on your behalf.

ADA Compliance

  • Do I really need to be concerned with web accessibility?

    We believe the answer is a definitive yes! It’s not only the right thing to do for those with disabilities who may visit your site, but it further shields you from liability and frivolous legal actions. It is also important to point out that many governmental agencies as well as private foundations are tying grant money and funding to requirements and/or compliance with section 508.

  • Does this address web content?

    NO. This is an important distinction. Web accessibility and the ADA compliance we are discussing here is specific to the usability and functionality of the website. It DOES NOT address if your content is complaint with copyright laws and/or any ADA requirement for content. For example, if you are a public entity you should be addressing things like handicap parking, ramps, elevators, and other facets of your business which make a visit you’re your location accessible to someone with a disability. This is content. This platform will not change the content on your site to make you compliant with this requirement.

  • Why is this an issue now?

    This has been a focus of the federal government since 1986. Since that time, it has evolved considerably. Unfortunately, desperate times can bring out the worst in people and since the global COVID-19 pandemic there has been a significant increase on the focus related to web accessibility.

  • Shouldn’t you be doing this automatically for me as a site owner?

    As we build or update a website, we do it with the accessibility guidelines in mind. Unfortunately, the guidelines and requirements have become so complex that building even a simple one age site could cost several thousand dollars to become fully compliant. We’ve always included as many features as possible and advanced functionality within a site, but custom coding a new site or deploying a brand-new html or WordPress template does not meet all the requirements.

    Even launching a brand-new site requires a lot of work to keeping up with new standards. In addition to our team researching and applying new regulations and make the changes site wide.

    Until now, we didn’t have a comprehensive, cost-effective solution we believed in to offer to you.

    While we could certainly increase your annual hosting fee to over $600 per year and “bake in” the cost of this platform, we believe that site owners should understand the issue, assess their own risk and have input in their project, costs, etc.

  • What are others around us doing?

    Many site owners do not understand accessibility issues or requirements. Many web developers or agencies are also not up to speed or simply don’t see this as a priority. We believe we are again leading the regional market with this offering and feel it’s only a matter of time before others around us are offering similar solutions.

  • Have you seen a problem in our area?

    Unfortunately, we have seen four demand letters delivered to our clients over the past few years. While all of them have been specific content related issues, not accessibility, we believe it is only a matter of time. For this reason, we took the proactive approach with our own site and are advising ALL clients to do the same.

  • Who else is using this platform?
  • What is the feedback from those using this platform?

    This is something we are just rolling out to our clients. We don’t yet have any testimonials from our client’s we can share. Here are a few from our partner’s site which may be useful to you.

  • Will this prevent a lawsuit?

    There is no guarantee you will not be served a demand letter, not be sued or the plaintiff will not be awarded funds by a jury. What we do know is that the use of accessiBe has reduced and often eliminated frivolous legal actions against site owners with the platform installed. Most suits are brought by plaintiffs looking for the low hanging fruit. They are not interested in going to court or lengthy, expensive proceedings. Having this platform installed on your site is a significant deterrent (and is doing the right thing for the 20% of web users globally who have a documented disability.)

  • What if I get a demand letter or get sued?

    If you get a demand letter or get sued, the first thing to do is take a breath. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think. By the time you get your letter, a serious plaintiff has already taken screen shots of your site for evidence. Changing your site after you get papers may help mitigate a settlement but may not make your issue go away. Contact us to discuss your case and how we can assist you. If you have the accessiBe platform they have additional resources and a legal advisement team ready to help at no additional charge to you. (They are not attorneys, but will help your attorney as appropriate).

  • What does web accessibility cost?

    For most of our clients the cost will average $500.00 per year. This includes the installation, configuration, customization, and yearly subscription fee we need to pay accessiBe for the use of their platform for your site. As we do with other products we provide, any sales commission provided by accessiBe to Grey Goose Graphics will be shared with our clients.

  • How long does it take to implement?

    From the time you give us the authorization to proceed until fully implemented is about 5 business days.


  • What tools or software do you use to design and build web sites?

    Our Studio is equipped with state of the art technology, including computers, high resolution monitors, scanners, printers, digital still & video camera equipment, digital audio equipment, green screens, tablet input devices and more...

    Each site we build is custom and each requires a little different approach. We utilize a windows environment and utilize software from Adobe, Microsoft, Xtreeme, Photodex and many other companies.

    We review all of our work before final submission in many browsers including; Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Goggle Chrome as well as on many different monitors and web enabled devices.

    One thing that is a little unique to our industry is we operate in a mostly "apple free environment" which while our competitors think we are "bananas!", this continues to be a great decision for us!

  • Can I manage my own site after you finish?

    Yes! Each and every site we build is designed to be managed by clients on their own. Like a home, your site will need regular attention and maintenance or it will soon loose it's value and your friends will stop visiting.

    There are some basic requirements for you to manage your site… You’ll need a computer, an internet connection, and some basic software to get you started. While we offer this to each client, a majority of our clients (almost all of them actually) keep us on board to maintain their web site at a nominal cost in comparison to the investment of hardware, software, training, and actual time it will take you to manage your site.

  • What does maintenance cost?

    Updates to your site and/or regular site maintenance is billed at a set hourly rate in 15 minute increments. We do not believe in charging one hour minimums as clients will often hold their updates until they think they can fill an hour and thus some of the content may be outdated before it is posted to their web site.

  • What if I need additional support?

    We offer clients many support options. From free initial project consultations to ongoing support at our hourly rates, we can provide you with the customized support you require. We have experience in educating clients about the web, their site, updating their site, and many other areas within our realm of expertise. This support is available during normal business hours, or by appointment outside of normal business hours.

  • What is Site Migration?

    Site Migration is moving a complete web site from one web hosting company to another. This can be done for various reasons, but most often occurs during establishment of a new hosting account, or in preparation of a significant site revision.

  • Can we hire you for just maintenance or an upgrade on our existing site?

    Yes. We offer a broad range of services from new web site design to development, and maintenance of existing sites. We have acquired many clients as a result of our quick turn around time with site updates and revisions. If your content is outdated before your current web design team can get it up on your site... Contact us! We can Help.

Content & Images

  • What is content?

    Content is the text, photos, graphics, video, and anything else you see on a web page. When you think about building a web site and answer the question "What do I want people to see?" this is content. Going back to our analogy, content is the fixtures, appliances, or furnishings of your home.

    Like a house, most clients have at least an idea of what they want. If you have not thought about this... it's an important part of a successful site. If you don't yet have your content, start writing, clipping photos, articles, etc. and organizing them so you can have your own content. (Remember to be careful with the use of copyrighted materials.) And lastly, we don't want you to feel all alone... we can help you with the editing or final organization of your site content.

  • Will you create it for me?

    On occasion we do work with clients who either do not have any content, need help organizing it, or need guidance in focusing their web site. We are happy to assist where needed, however because more of our time is required, these clients often realize a larger expenditure in comparison to those who provide us "copy ready content".

  • Are graphics and photos extra?

    Unless specifically specified in a client contract, graphics and photos are not included in web site projects. Clients are not only responsible for obtaining their own photos and graphics, but if they are from any source other than the client’s own work, the client is also responsible for all legal releases, copyright concerns, or special permission requirements.

  • Can you take photos for me?

    Yes! Please contact us to discuss your individual needs and how we can exceed them in this area.

  • Do you do custom graphics and illustrations?

    Yes, we can develop your custom graphics and/or illustrations.

  • What are stock photos?

    Stock photos are for people who desire specialized photos and do not have their own, or legal access to other photos from other artists. From a few to several hundred dollars per photo, clients may purchase the rights to photos for use on their projects. If you require stock photos, contact us to discuss your needs so we can make sure you are purchasing compatible works that will not only function on your site, but also maximize your return on investment.

  • Can you get stock photos for me?

    Yes, we obtain stock photos for clients on a regular basis. We will complete the page(s) where the photos will be placed and then select and place photos with a water mark on them for client approval. Once the photos are approved, we then purchase them on behalf of the client. The client is responsible for the costs of the photo plus the cost of our time for selection and configuration/editing required for placement into the client's project.

  • What if I want to use my own photos or graphics?

    When possible, we will make every attempt to utilize a client's own photos or graphics. Having your own photos and/or graphics will ultimately save you money. However it is important to note that much of the content on the web today is copyrighted. Client's are solely responsible for all required copyright permissions to use other's content on their own site.


  • Can I add video from my Smartphone to my website?

    We get this question several times a week!

    The short answer is yes! Today’s smartphones record video in a format recognized by most media platforms.

    BUT, just because your smartphone can take HD video, doesn’t mean you are getting movie style footage. There are a number of factors that come into play that can ruin your video. Low light situations, steadiness of your hand, and muffled audio can quickly turn your video into a shaky mess.

    If you are recording something for a personal Facebook page or to send to your friends for a quick laugh... smartphones are an excellent form of entertainment. If you are showcasing your business or company, leave it the professionals. Let Grey Goose Graphics handle your video production needs.

  • I have existing video shot by another company, can I update that video?

    Often clients have video produced by another company that has moved, raised their prices or is simple no longer in business. As long as the contract, if one exists, doesn’t state that the previous production company owns the video, then video belongs to the purchaser. You video can then be updated and put to a media format best fit for your needs.

  • Can I add any music I want to a video?

    If a video is produced for advertising or to showcase your business, you need to provide obtain rights or permission to use the specific music. We have a large "royalty free" library which may be used for your production.

    Many people ask to have a song they just heard on the radio to their new commercial. Though it might work well, or seem like an appropriate choice for your production, it’s not legal.

    If you as a non-professional are creating a video for a non-commercial purpose, where you are not profiting from the sales of the video, then the likely hood of you having an issue with a copyright is significantly less.

  • Can you edit a copyrighted video?

    Video is everywhere. Just because you see a video on a website or you download a video off of You Tube, doesn’t mean you have the right to use it for your own purpose. We will only edit videos which are owned by our clients OR if the client has written consent from the owner of the video or product.

  • I want a video produced, what’s the process?

    Most projects start with creative meetings, designing shots, writing scripts and planning shoots. A solid plan will pay for itself many times over as it provides the blueprint for a successful shoot and efficient editing session.

    The shoot follows. Using the a solid pre-production plan allows us to maximize the the time spent and minimizer the impact on those involved in the shoot. While we take pride in being efficient, we may shoot a specific scene and/or segment multiple times. This extra time here provides us with solid footage for editing. While this may sometimes be a minor inconvenience for the client or talent, re-shooting is often more efficient than trying to make a correction or extensive edit in post production.

    Next is the editing phase where the individual clips and shots are weaved into a seamless production. Combined with audio, graphics and/or special effects this is where the production comes to life. Using the pre-production plan our team will sort, arrange and assemble to footage, create transitions and add in the "extras" to develop the project as specified.

    Following the first cut the client will be invited to view and provide any input or direction for subsequent edits before the final version is cut. Many times this is done in our studio where we have the capability of editing live on our 72" monitor.

    Once final edits are complete and the project is approved, the final version is cut and distributed per the client's direction.

  • How long does it take to produce a video?

    Producing a video is timely process. Many factors come into play to determine the production time of a project.

    A typical shoot requires at least one week lead time for planning and scheduling and may require a few weeks of editing following the shoot.

    We work hard and efficient to meet the client’s needs and deadlines. Depending on our current production schedule this time line may be significantly reduced or extended. Contact us if you have a specific requirement. We will do our best to be responsive to your individual needs.

  • Why does it take so long to produce my final product?

    In the production industry is often said 1 hour of shooting requires 2 hours of editing, a 1:2 ratio. This holds true on every level of video production and depending on the situation, it may even require a 1:3 or higher ratio in some cases.

    We do our best to define the editing time up front to ensure both the client and producers are on the same page, however on occasion we sometimes need to extend this to ensure the best quality production.

  • How expensive is producing a video?

    Video production can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

    While a large percentage of the cost results from production time (planning, shooting, file transfer, editing, and final distribution) other expenses may be contribute to production costs such as travel, lodging, talent, location fees, permits, etc.

  • Can you find someone to be in my video?

    Do you need a video, but do not want to appear in it?

    Let us help you find professional talent. We associate ourselves with an organization that provides actors with the characteristics fitting for our client’s needs. Depending on the situation this may result in an additional production cost. Fees will be predetermined and are based on the requirements of the video, the associated stipend for of the talent.

    Another option is the use friends, family and coworkers of the client.

  • When do I need a release form?

    Release forms are written permission for someone or sometimes something to appear in a video or commercial production.

    In general, anything someone does in public place or on public property is considered "open game" in regards to other people photographing it or taking video of it. There is no right to privacy when you publicly exhibit yourself to others.

    If video (or photo) is used in commercial applications - ads, brochures, posters, trade shows, Web sites, etc. a release form from your subject is always recommended and if the photograph or video is shot on private property, it is a must.

    Grey Goose Graphics will recommend the acquisition of releases, however the responsibility for these rests with the client.


  • How much does logo or custom graphics work cost?

    All specialty work, including graphic design, graphics, photography, photo editing, etc. is billed at a set hourly rate in 15 minute increments.

  • Do you keep files from long ago?

    We do our best to retain client files and projects. At some point files may be archived and/or deleted at our discretion. Please be advised that NYS considers digital media being placed on a disc to be tangible property and thus may change the tax status of your particular project. Contact us for details.

  • When are you available?

    We are available by phone during normal business hours. (Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:00pm) When we are out of the office or unavailable to answer, our phones do forward to a member of our management team's phone. Please leave a message and we will return your call at our earliest opportunity.

    Outside of normal business hours, we ask that you please be considerate of our personal time. Again, our phones are forwarded to a member of management team's phone to address emergencies or situations which can not wait until the next business day. If available, they will answer immediately or will respond to a voice mail at their earliest opportunity. If the request is for something non-urgent, please note your request will be scheduled to be handled during normal business hours.

If we have not addressed your question please contact us!