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Media Buying

Advertising can be expensive. Let our skilled team help design a custom program for you that will maximize your return on investment.

  • Have you have been buying advertising for more than two years and your buys are looking the same?
  • Is a majority of your advertising budget spent with a single TV Network, or a phone book?
  • Are you not seeing the results you desire or were promised at the time of you buy?
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If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time for a change. We know that in almost every market, there has been dramatic shifts in the consumer behavior that has been driven by technology. In simple terms, getting appropriate advertisements in front of the right consumer at the right time is different from it was just a few years ago. If your media plan has not changed or been updated, you may not be getting the full benefits of your media buying dollars.

At Grey Goose Graphics, we do things a little different. We take the time to not only understand your products and sales goal, but also understand who your customer is, what makes them tick, and create a plan to reach them. We also will help you reaffirm or develop a solid message and the media needed to support a comprehensive campaign. Having a production team that supports a buying team allows us to not only ensure consistency throughout your program, but also allows us to be efficient and agile with your content development. Print, Web or Video… we have you covered. (Note, we specifically haven’t talked about buying media yet… if you don’t have a solid understanding of your goals and the right message and method defined how to exceed your goals before buying media, may not be getting the full benefits of your media buying dollars.)

Once it’s time to buy media we will leverage our established relationships with the appropriate media teams for TV, Radio, Digital/Internet, Print, Billboards and more. While we do have a few preferred vendors for specific types of projects, we can provide our clients with endless media buying opportunities. We do not work for any one station, network, or buying group. When we buy media or buy advertising, it’s based on the right solution to meet the client’s needs or to help them reach their goals.

Unlike our competitors, why we will simply manage a monthly or yearly spend without client interaction, it is our preference to partner with the client in this area. Once we complete the planning, we will present you with options including the pros, cons, risks, and costs. Together, we will develop the plan for the buy, and we will then execute the transaction on your behalf. But the work doesn’t stop there! We will continue to monitor the plan and progress assuring that you are getting the maximum benefit and return on investment of your advertising budget. Depending on the campaign, this may include monitoring call logs, measuring web analytics or sales conversions.

For clients with a larger advertising budget, we also offer a rebate program to further stretch your advertising budget. Contact us for more details.

Media buying and advertising in general should not be done on a trial-and-error basis. It should be well thought out, specifically planned, meticulously executed, and reliably monitored. If you are not getting this type of service from your current agency, contact us to learn how we can help improve your program and maximize your return on investment.