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Identity & Branding

All it takes is an idea to get started!

We are excited to work with clients who are just starting their business, coming to us with only a concept or those with a long-standing logo or business identity looking for a fresh new look. Our team can help you take a concept simply scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin or color drawings with specific color requirements and turn it into a comprehensive branding package. We can also facilitate a development process for the client that does not yet have a concept but is looking for something new or different. We've worked with clients in many business sectors to help define or redefine their identity packages, create a branding buzz, or develop and launch a full-scale brand awareness initiative.

Our process begins with us getting to know you, your goals, like and dislikes as well and any related information. From there we head to drawing boards (literally) where we’ll complete quick conceptual sketches and brainstorm as a team flushing out ideas and developing concurrence along the way. Some clients enjoy being part of this process, some wish to remain neutral within the process and don’t participate. Either way, it’s up to you…

Branding process

Once the sketch up process is complete depending on the client preference, we’ll sometimes review the sketches or jump into a digital design session. We’ll develop your logo in a black and/white or greyscale format to make sure you are focusing on the structure. Once approved, we’ll then work with you to establish/define a color pallet and apply it to your previously approved logo. Did you know the color of your logo, stationery, and typeset all play a part in how you are perceived as well as set a tone for your business? Our team will makes sure your logo and brand not only looks good, but you are making informed decisions regarding your color selections.

Upon approval, our team will then take your digital design and create a custom branding guide for you which will should be used by you as well as provided to any vendors working on anything branding related for your organization to ensure consistency and compliance with your established brand. The last step is creating your logo and any specifically required variations in many different file formats which will allow you to obtain consistency in your brand across any media.

Whether on the web, in print, or other medium, we have the expertise and network to not only get it done, but done right, and in a cost-effective manner!

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