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Corporate Streaming

Grey Goose Graphics is proud to be a regional leader of commercial streaming video services!
While Grey Goose Graphics has been producing streaming video events for many years, the COVID-19 Pandemic showed the world the limitless possibilities of working and presenting in a virtual environment. When the budget does not allow for a large number of people in an organization to meet, the virtual conference opens up a great deal of alternative possibilities. For families, it can help to connect family members unable to travel with others at family events or to even be able to attend services of a lost one.
Grey Goose Graphics, LLC is proud to offer streaming video services for meetings, conferences, and special events. We are also providing consulting services with organizations looking to expand their internal capabilities but need help with the technology requirements, configuration of their equipment or the development of a workflow.
When streaming video for events such as conferences or funerals, it is essential to involve professional services to avoid unforeseen issues that will do everything that’s possible to create a smooth experience. In the case of situations occurring at a live event, such as a loss of internet connection or power outage, we’ll be still capturing your event to deliver to those who missed any portion by capturing high-definition video simultaneously.

Why hire a video production company?

  • Stream a meeting or event to a large group while also providing the needed A/V services at the event (also called a Hybrid Event).
  • You wish to incorporate audio from more than one person at a single location, a group of individuals or perhaps a special feed such as a performance group, band, etc.
  • You wish to use multiple cameras or inputs such as pre-recorded video, slides, etc.
  • You are looking for seamless switching between input sources or add special effects!
  • You require wireless acquisition of video/audio at an event when a camera or microphone cannot be wired.
  • You need to move cameras around during your event or meeting to capture a demonstration or other activity.
  • To have a flawless plan for occurrences such as an internet failure or loss of power.
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While these are a few of the reasons we are called upon to provide streaming services, the most popular is for the event organizer’s peace of mind . We will work hard to ensure your event is a success. By providing a pre-production site survey to ensure a streaming event is compatible with a venue and having redundant equipment on site at your event, our experience team will ensure your event is a success.
We have streamed a variety of events at many different venues including corporate & non-profit organizational meetings and functions, funerals, parades, fundraisers, full day educational conferences and annual shareholder meetings.
Our streaming production equipment capabilities include:
  • Multiple professional cameras
  • Portable Green Screens and other backdrops
  • Wireless & wired microphone options
  • Professional audio mixing boards and advanced video switching
  • Wireless audio/video transmission
  • Streaming to any online platform
If you are considering a hybrid event we have many projection screen solutions, Large LCD TVs, and PA sound systems to integrate with your production.
Contact Us today to talk about your event and learn how we can exceed your expectations with Video Streaming Services from the Grey Goose Graphics, LLC team.
*** Web Streaming Disclaimer: Despite our many years of experience streaming events, the state-of-the-art cameras, advanced cabling solutions, switching, audio acquisition equipment, and encoding and transmission equipment, there is one pinch point for every project which we cannot control. The internet connection. We are at the mercy of the internet service provider (isp) to provide a reliable connection to get your event out on the web. It’s an unfortunate reality that we will discuss in detail at the time of your event planning as well as provide you with information about our redundancy and plans for isp issues should one occur during your event.