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360-Degree Spherical Video

Grey Goose Graphics is proud to be the market leader in 360-Degree Spherical Video!

We are all storytellers at heart. With the advances of video technology, the emergence of 360-degree video (spherical video or video for virtual reality) now offers storytellers of all ages, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, the opportunity to improve their storytelling capabilities.

There are many uses for this technology. Here are a few that we have experience with:


  • Documenting a family event (such as weddings, birthday parties, or funerals)
  • Recording an adventure or activity (such as hiking, kayaking, or swimming)
  • Capturing a sporting event or participation in extreme sports (such as ziplining, skydiving, or skiing)

Marketing and Promotional

  • Featuring a product (for example, display the interior of a vehicle or a product showroom)
  • Promoting a company (production lines, trade shows, or events)
  • Provide a virtual tour (show companies, venues, or real estate)


  • Document an event (such as a sporting event, dance recital, meeting, or public hearing)
  • Create a demonstration (a “how-to” video)
  • Physical site surveys (such as property inspections or crime scene documentation)


  • Conferences
  • eLearning
  • Courses, labs, and demonstrations

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Grey Goose Graphics is proud to have published
a guide being used industry wide...

In December of 2016, our studio's managing partner published a comprehensive guide for 360-Degree Spherical Video.
Grey Goose Graphics was able to obtain and evaluate several 360-degree video platforms early on. Following extensive use and experimentation, a guide was developed for not only the internal work-flow at Grey Goose Graphics, but as a resource for other amateur and professional videographers around the world. Included are several guided exercises which will help videographers learn what they need to know before they try to capture that important family event or accept a paid assignment. Several checklists and work flow diagrams are included to help you stay organized while focusing less on their operation and more on their subject matter
360 Degree Spherical Video Book Cover