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ADA Compliance

Web accessibility is a big deal and becoming more important every day. While websites are viewed by people with various disabilities, they are not often created, or more importantly maintained with this population in mind. For many years Federal Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) and New York State (Section 508) have strongly suggested and encouraged site owners to develop and maintain sites for those with disabilities. Today, site owners across the county (and around the world) are finding themselves in legal battles over their websites. While the United States has long been known for its litigious culture, websites have become an easy and on occasion, a legitimate target for those looking for a financial windfall or settlement.

Grey Goose Graphics ADA Compliance

Since opening our doors in 2006, we have taken into consideration these requirements with each of our site builds. This includes the way we display links, the color contrast within the pages of the sites and other code used to assemble the sites. With the always evolving guidelines and increased number of demand letters and suits being filed against site owners, we believe it is important to further improve in this area and offer our clients an expanded, comprehensive, and proactive approach.

We are excited to partner with accessiBe , the number one fully automated web accessibility solution in the world for ADA and WCAG compliance.

Here’s how it works –

After configuring an account for your name and installing the platform on every page of your site, accessiBe utilizes two applications that together achieve full compliance. The accessibility interface is responsible for all the UI and design-related adjustments, while the AI-powered background process handles optimizations for screen-reader and for keyboard navigation (the most complex requirements).

Once installed, this platform continues to work behind the scenes to ensure your site is appropriately displayed and functions appropriately to meet and/or exceed the requirements defined by ADA and WCAG. As these requirements evolve, so does the accessiBe platform giving you peace of mind your site is always functioning to the latest standard without us having to constantly rebuild and update your site interface.

accessiBe also provides automated site audits and reporting for site owners as well as a real-time site compliance statement for site visitors which have been proven to significantly reduce site owner’s exposure and liability.

If you haven’t done this yet, it’s a perfect time to click on the blue accessibility icon on each page and see for yourself what this platform does and how it works in real time. (Be sure to click on the statement link to check out the live audit.)

In addition, clients who take advantage of our partnership with accessible will realize the following benefits:

1.) A turnkey solution – we’ll handle everything from the account configuration, reoccurring billing and platform installation on your site.
2.) A significant savings over purchasing this product direct from accessiBe or another accessiBe partner.

We realize that to some clients, this a new concept or something they know little about. With that in mind we’ve added an additional section to our FAQs.

We strongly encourage every site owner to evaluate their individual situation and website. If at anytime you have additional questions, feel free to contact us for more information or to get started on your integration today.

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Directory Management

Further capture customer intent and increase digital discovery amongst the many platforms available to us online. Did you know that over 2/3 of data in directory listings is incorrect. As technology evolves, it’s hard to keep tabs on where your business information lives.

GreyGooseGraphics Directory ServicesYou need to maximize control over how your data shows everywhere customers search, because it’s crucial that it not only exists everywhere, but it is consistent on all platforms.

Consistent online information creates business confidence from big search engines like Google and Amazon. As many searches are un-branded, meaning that people are searching more for types of services that accommodate their immediate needs in that moment – not a specific business name. Increasing confidence will DRIVE MORE RELATIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE. It not about simply sending more customers to your site, it's about connecting the right customers looking for your product or serices to your site.

It's also essential with the growth of voice technology like Siri, Alexa, Cortana and so on, that you have accurate data about your business in these multiple directories where there is no visual aid or screen presence. W have the ability to help you grow in this area as well.

At Grey Goose Graphics, we have the capability to update multiple directories from one platform and keep your business relevant every day. Let us help your business give structured, brand-verified answers as opposed to just another search result.

Make sure your business is in the right place at the right time, every time.

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Custom Design & Build

Not a week goes by where we do not receive an inquiry something like “Why would we use your services when so many "on-line" templates or do it yourself tools are available?”

While there are thousands of templates, tools, and resources for those “do it yourself” people out there, creating a web site is much more than choosing a template, picking a color, and filing in the blanks.

Most people don’t build a house by going to a home improvement store, buying paint, and hanging up pictures. An architect designs the building based on the needs of its occupants, the contractor chooses the materials and fixtures based on the specifications, and the building is constructed often under the watchful eye of the owner.

Web site construction is a very similar process. Architectural support includes developing the foundation of site goals, content, color schemes, budgets and time lines. Design support includes development or preparation of web package graphics, site specific styles, layouts, and design.

Whether you have a specific requirement or only a conceptual idea, we can bring your project to life. From utilizing your already acquired graphics, photos, and copy ready text to helping you outline a site and developing the components for you, we have the knowledge, ability and experience to make it happen.

Our team will take you through the process and provide you with the required information to allow you to make great decisions and keep you informed every step of the way.

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We spend a lot of time and energy reminding and working with clients to keep their sites up to date. This is important for many reasons. Why?!

We are glad you asked!!!

A web site is never "done"! Your web site should be a consistent and current reflection of you, your business, organization, or club. It should reflect your mission and vision, your services or activities as well as other aspects defined during the implementation of your site. While we work hard to make your site appear timeless. As you offer new services, change your operating structure, your site should be updated. It's important to be telling the same story whether face to face, in print, or on the web. Inconsistency can lead to many problems.

The web around you is also always evolving. As the "younger" generations are now growing up with the web, the expansion is happening at an incredible rate. The "experts" say 1.4 million new web sites are launched around the world every day! (And we thought we were busy!) Folks are depending on the web more and more as part of their daily lives. Traditional items like phone books, newspapers, and encyclopedias are feeling the pressure and many are disappearing each day. If you are not on the web, you a missing many opportunities... If you are and your information is outdated, you are also missing opportunities.

A related issue to be considered is making sure your site is found. Older sites and/or sites developed by the non-professionals may not be optimized for search engine detection or indexing. If this is the case, you may have a visually appealing site, current with your information, but it may be hard to find you on the web. (Did you know that search engines not only look at your site and how it's constructed, but the interval since your last updates? The longer the interval, the lower the ranking as many sites from years ago still remain intact online, but have basically been abandoned. It's hard to recover from this status, don't let it happen to you!.)

New clients or clients who we've just launched a new site are sometime hesitant to the concept of needing to update their sites.

We don't believe in just making an update without a reason. We do everything reasonable to minimize the expense of updates for our clients. In fact, our sites are constructed in a "modular way" so updates can be done efficiently, thus maximizing your return on investment!

If you are coming to us with a pre-existing site, no problem! As we work on your site, we'll work on creating something something similar for you.

Need ideas, help developing your updated content, or maybe with a graphic or photo??? Let us know we can help! We've added or removed staff to photos, painted an office, and even gave someone a new hair style. Sometimes we can provide a solution to an issue you may have not considered!

If you are looking to design a new site, update your current site, schedule regular maintenance of an existing site or to fix up a "do it yourself" created site, we can help.

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Hosting Management

We have the right tools, the right people and most importantly the right values... we bring it all together for you!

Web site Hosting Management is becoming more complex. With many companies boasting of the benefits of their services, hosting packages, and all inclusive deals, keeping up on comparison prices is something you should entrust to us.

Hosting management is just one service which sets us a part from our competition. We have no vested interest where your site is hosted. We'll work to find you the best deal. Like anything in life, you should be getting what you pay for, paying for what you need, and getting the service and support you expect. If your hosting is an issue, it really doesn't matter what your web site looks like... potential customers, clients, or visitors will never find you!

We offer initial domain name development, domain searches, brokering, registrations, domain transfers & renewals, hosting initialization, email account management, regular monitoring of your subscribed service’s expirations and hosting utilization as directed by the client. Losses in productivity from an interruption in your email or web hosting are more than an inconvenience. There is not much worse than the loss of a domain name due to an expired registration. Contact us for details today!

A note about Web-Hosting...

We do not host web sites ourselves. There are very few studios, agencies, or web site development corporations who have been successful in the design and development areas as well as able to offer comprehensive and quality hosting services.

If you are looking for or considering a hosting package, make sure you explore and understand;

  • What type of redundancy and restoration services do they provide?
  • What type of tech support is included and when is it actually available?
  • What is the true cost of these services? (Many are not as inclusive as they advertise!)
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Search Engine Optimization

Not all websites are created equal!

With the always increasing competition for one's time, having a website is only part of the equation. Your site needs to be seen by the people who matter most. While your target audience may be active looking for you, many other opportunities may present from your listing within the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a specialized process.

It begins with a quality constructed site that is built to enhance/encourage indexing by the search engines. It must include solid code and proper placement of the content. Carefully constructed content which correspond to keywords, phrases, and the coded corresponding tags is essential.

Activities such as directory listings, link building, blogging and social media integration all play an important part of this process.

At Grey Goose Graphics our team can help get you started on your way to success. Should you required more specialized services, we also have long standing relationships with many specialists in this area which may assist you further.

Please note: There are many scams on the internet revolving around search engine optimization. Companies and individuals offer many services at a variety of price points and will guarantee you results every time. We would like to offer you three things to consider when looking for help with Search Engine Optimization.

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