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Streaming Video

Grey Goose Graphics is proud to offer Commercial Streaming Video Services!

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced the world to work and play in a virtual environment. Video conferencing once used for reasons of convenience or to reduce costs associated with travel, has now be come part of our everyday lives. From keeping connected with families to meeting with clients or attending an important event, the need for quality streaming video services is growing daily.

Grey Goose Graphics, LLC is proud to offer streaming video services for meetings, conferences, and special events. We are also providing consulting services with organizations looking to expand their internal capabilities but need help with the technology requirements, configuration of their equipment or the development of a workflow.

The concept of hiring a production company for a streaming video production can be a little confusing as video streaming as become a routine part of communication almost daily. Most smart phones, tablets and laptop computers have cameras and streaming capabilities. Connecting to a platform like Zoom, GoToMeeting, or WebEx is relatively straight forward to do.

So why would you hire a video production company?

  • You streaming a meeting or event to a large group.
  • You wish to incorporate audio from more than one person at a single location, a group of individuals or perhaps a special feed such as a performance group, band, etc.
  • You wish to use multiple cameras or inputs such as pre-recorded video, slides, etc.
  • You are looking for seamless switching between input sources or maybe special effects.
  • You require a wireless acquisition of video/audio at an event when a camera or microphone cannot be wired.
  • You need to move cameras around during your event or meeting to capture a demonstration or other activity.
  • You do not have a plan for an internet failure.
  • You do not have a plan if the power goes out in the middle of your event.

While these are a few of the reasons we are called upon to provide streaming services, the most popular is for the event organizer’s peace of mind. We will work hard to ensure your event is a success. From a pre-production site survey to ensure a streaming event is compatible with a venue to having redundant equipment on site at your event, our experience team will ensure your event is a success. (And yes, we can help you with a contingency plan for internet and power issues.)

We have streamed a variety of events at many different venues including corporate & non-profit organizational meetings and functions, funerals, parades, fundraisers, full day educational conferences and annual shareholder meetings.

Our streaming production equipment capabilities include:

  • Multiple Camera Productions (4K & High Def Camera Configurations)
  • Portable Green Screens and other backdrops
  • Wireless & Wired Microphone Options
  • Multi-Channel Mixing Boards
  • Portable Monitoring and Video Switching interfaces
  • Wireless Audio/Video Transmitters
  • Audio & Video Encoders
  • Computer Configurations for Streaming and/or Multiple Sourcing

If you are considering a hybrid event (attendees + a streaming component) we also have LCD Projectors & several portable projection screens, Large LCD TVs, and different sound systems to integrate with your production.

We can also work routinely with other AV Vendors/Production companies to integrate streaming in to almost any event.

Contact us today to talk about your event and learn how we can exceed your expectations with Video Streaming Services from the Grey Goose Graphics, LLC team.

360-Degree Spherical Video

Grey Goose Graphics is proud to be the market leader in 360-Degree Spherical Video!

We are all storytellers at heart. With the advances of video technology, the emergence of 360-degree video (spherical video or video for virtual reality) now offers storytellers of all ages, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets, the opportunity to improve their storytelling capabilities.

There are many uses for this technology. Here are a few that we have experience with:

  • Personal
    • Documenting a family event (such as weddings, birthday parties, or funerals)
    • Recording an adventure or activity (such as hiking, kayaking, or swimming)
    • Capturing a sporting event or participation in extreme sports (such as ziplining, skydiving, or skiing)
  • Marketing and Promotional
    • Featuring a product (for example, display the interior of a vehicle or a product showroom)
    • Promoting a company (production lines, trade shows, or events)
    • Provide a virtual tour (show companies, venues, or real estate)
  • Documentary
    • Document an event (such as a sporting event, dance recital, meeting, or public hearing)
    • Create a demonstration (a “how-to” video)
    • Physical site surveys (such as property inspections or crime scene documentation)
  • Education
    • Conferences
    • eLearning
    • Courses, labs, and demonstrations

CONTACT US TODAY to get your project started.

Grey Goose Graphics is proud to have published a guide being used industry wide...


In December of 2016, our studio's managing partner published a comprehensive guide for 360-Degree Spherical Video.

Grey Goose Graphics was able to obtain and evaluate several 360-degree video platforms early on. Following extensive use and experimentation, a guide was developed for not only the internal work-flow at Grey Goose Graphics, but as a resource for other amateur and professional videographers around the world. Included are several guided exercises which will help videographers learn what they need to know before they try to capture that important family event or accept a paid assignment. Several checklists and work flow diagrams are included to help you stay organized while focusing less on their operation and more on their subject matter

Click here to learn more about this guide.

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360-Degree Spherical Video

Video in Print

While video is undoubtedly the most engaging advertising medium available today, print advertising has been the gold standard. It's portable and easy to view and distribute. As Grey Goose Graphics we are proud to offer our clients Video in Print.

Combining print and video in one vehicle is a powerful and cost effective vehicle that will engage your audience, drive awareness and deliver results.

Video in Print

Augmenting your print materials with custom video can be used in many areas:

  • Sales and Transactional Promotion
  • Prospecting or expanding current client revenue streams
  • Trade show Promotional Items
  • Personalized and Custom video targeted to groups and/or individuals
  • Product or Service awareness or education
  • Birthday Wishes, Holiday Greetings or Thank Yous to clients, family or friends.
  • Special Announcements and Invitations

Video in Print is a flexible and affordable delivery device.

  • Multiple LCD Displays and custom printing options
  • Customizable Player Buttons
  • Rechargeable and Re loadable
  • Multiple Storage options including SD Card integration for easy end user upgrading
  • Flexible ordering and minimum quantity requirements


  • Not all systems are the same. From LCD resolution and color capabilities, to recharging capacities, memory configurations, we have access to the leader in this technology.
  • We have a relationship with the Manufacturer. (This allows us to get great service, shorter turn around times, and bottom line pricing.)
  • We can manage your project in one place. Our design team can handle the print, video and integration into this platform.

It's important to understand that while their are many vendors providing video in print across the globe, not all are equal. Let us help you navigate through the maze of options!

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Video Production

Grey Goose Graphics is proud to be leading the pack with high definition (HD) video acquisition and professional editing.

This is just one example of our work, visit our YouTube page to see more.

Our gear is state of the art. Our team is formally trained and experienced.

Some of our equipment capabilities include.

  • Multiple Fluid Head Tripods
  • Slider System
  • Tracking Dollies
  • Professional, heavy duty, crane / jib with over 14' reach.
  • Steadi-Cam & other camera stabilization devices.
  • Portable Green Screen
  • We now also offer AV Services

We have gear that can mount on just about any surface... construction equipment, aircraft, boats, water skis, motorcycles, sports cars, fire trucks, helmets and chest protectors are just a few of the places we've recently had cameras. Need a shot in inclement weather? We may be able to help you with that too.

Consider us for any video need including (but not limited to...)

  • Informative: Education, Training, Public Service Announcements
  • Documentary: School Events, Recitals, Performing Arts, Family Events, Celebrations
  • Legal: Depositions, Fire / Accident Scene Surveys, Wills, Settlements, Mediation, Household Inventories, Property Survey & Recovery Support
  • We keep our equipment in a ready state and can often respond to emergent requests in a matter of minutes from our Broome County Locations
  • Business Services: Commercials, Web Video, Assembly Instructions, Business Meetings, Conferences, Presentations.
  • Creative: Short Films, Sequences, Episodic Productions.

If you are looking for a new video for your business or organization, to update a long running commercial, or of you are not happy with something you currently showcase, contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your project and help develop a solution which will exceed your expectations.

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Legal Video

We specialize in a variety of legal video production. Law offices around the region rely of Grey Goose Graphics for short notice video depositions, late night editing & shooting for next day trial and the dedication required to meet our client’s needs.

We produce a final product which can be tailored to your needs in just about any medium from Blue Ray Discs or DVDs to TV or Web Content.

We have provided the following legal video services:

  • Research and reporting utilizing the web.
  • Integration of technology in the courtroom.
  • Electronic Media creation for the support of expert witness testimony.
  • Multimedia exhibits such as digitized medical records, custom video productions.
  • "Day in the Life" video acquisition.
  • Video Recording of Depositions. (In office or on location.)
  • After hours shooting and editing.
  • Video & Audio Redaction Services

We have the ability to wire/record up to six participants in a proceeding using our own digital recording equipment.

We also have the capabilities of surveillance video enhancement, prints from video, accident scene video survey, and the availability to respond to situations for immediate video capture. Our key staff members are active in Emergency Services and are comfortable working in atypical settings.

We clearly understand the importance of discretion, professional demeanor and honesty as well as your need for confidentiality and good record keeping. All projects and materials are kept confidential, and projects are billed net 30 days, with names and case numbers referenced for your convenience.

Contact us today to talk to you about your project and discuss a solution which will exceed your expectations.

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Transfer - Editing & Distribution



With technology changing at an ever increasingly rate, it’s hard to keep up or even maintain the things you cherish. We specialize and provide our customers with the ability to transfer VHS cassette to a number of formats:

  • Single DVD or Multi DVD Duplication
  • Blu-ray
  • Data Disc – Data DVD
  • Portable Hard Drive – Flash Drive
  • Upload to website
  • YouTube-Vimeo-Facebook
  • Email (file size dependent)

PLEASE NOTE: We do not transfer video from super 8, or any other film media.

Editing & Distribution


We have the ability to ability to professionally edit video. Adding some special touches here and there such as music, voice overs, or inserting photos or graphics will really wow your friends, family and/or clients.

Once your video is complete we can help with the distribution. If you need help placing it on your website or YouTube page, putting it on a CD, DVD or Blu-ray and making duplications, etc. we can help!

While we can work with most video formats and input devices it is very important to note that the final output quality is very closely related to the quality of the footage provided.

Contact us today to talk to you about your project and discuss a solution which will exceed your expectations.

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Still Video

We realize that sometimes video is not the answer... It may not be in the budget, their may not be time to complete a full production or it may not be the effect or look a client desires.

We offer a solution in which still photos are used to create a custom presentation. While there is animation, these presentations are not actually video. They are built similar to a slide show or power point presentation however our software suite has endless combinations of styles, transitions and special effect capabilities to transition photos, text and other content into a multimedia presentation.

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