Public Safety Check: Always Evolving

It has been about 6 months since our sister company, g3coding, launched a brand-new product called Public Safety Check. Our initial launch was well received, and as we talked to more and more departments, we realized how needed and wanted our product really is. Public Safety Check brings emergency service equipment maintenance and inventory management into the digital realm. If you haven’t read our article on initial release, check it out to read about our original features.

However, due to the vast and varied nature of emergency service departments everywhere, we’ve had quite a few suggestions on features to implement as we move forward. You spoke and we listened. Read on to find out features we’ve added:

Scheduled Shift Logging and Reporting: track and monitor who was scheduled on what days, what equipment they checked, and what vehicle they used.

Expiration support: You can now check what items expire, when they expire, and update the expirations for any item. This is especially useful for ambulance companies that need to track many different medications on the truck.

Full Featured Vehicle Maintenance Alerts: As we made our rounds at conferences and demonstrations, vehicle maintenance tracking quickly emerged as a priority for emergency departments. How could we say no? The system will alert you at adjustable intervals for any regular maintenance your vehicles require.

Financial reporting: Items can now have a value assigned to them. It’s easy to grab an inventory value for the whole department, individual trucks, and even compartments.

There’s a lot more we’ve added, but it would take a while to list it all here. The best way to find out about how to improve the way you check your equipment and fleet, request a demo or give us a call at (607) 743-3509.