Will you get out and vote already?!

Over the last few weeks we’ve had numerous conversations about the cost of our services, the cost of doing business and why it’s so different in New York.

Like many other small businesses in NY we work in a very difficult business economy.  While we have always been very competitive with our employee compensation packages we are faced with many unfunded mandates.  The cost of workman’s comp and family leave & disability insurance continues to impact our bottom line.  NYS insurance premiums for healthcare and business insurance consistently increase each year.

While we may not be producing a widget or a something that can be held in the palm of your hand, we too are faced with similar expenses as a factory. Items such as utilities, rent, re-occurring software licenses, paper, ink, and other office products constitute our raw materials and increases in these areas also add to the increasing cost of doing business.

For many years we have maintained consistent prices in an always changing economy.  We’ve been able to do this by constantly keeping up with technology and methods of web design and modifying our internal project management structure and workflows to improve our efficiencies and ultimately the products we deliver to our clients.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the consistent increases are becoming an increasing burden on not only us, but our competitors and the clients we all serve.  We’ve had more clients consolidate operations, close their doors or leave the area in the last six months than we’ve seen in the last six years.

This morning I over heard two business owners at the local bagel shop complaining.  But neither of them had a clear plan or strategy.  I only wish they were not in the middle of the breakfast rush and  I could have confronted them with the following advice…

  • Nothing is ever (never ever) going to favor you or your business 100 percent of the time.
  • If you are waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of you are going to be waiting a long time. Those who are successful in NY are creating opportunities.
  • If you don’t feel your local town board, county executive or state representatives are doing what they should, let them know it. Write a letter, call their office or attend a meeting.

When all else fails… once a year “We the people” have the power to let our collective voices be heard.  It’s not about voting red or blue.  It’s not about voting for who had the most convincing commercial or best attack ad.  It’s about doing some homework, learning about the candidates and making the best choice.

And quite frankly, if you don’t vote, in my eyes, you’ve lost your right to complain until next November when you can redeem yourself by voting.

Tomorrow the polls open at 6am and close at 9pm.

Don’t be swayed by the media, don’t listen to the polls both which have an interest in swinging the vote.  No matter how much they attempt to get you to believe that one side may be so far ahead of the other… your vote (every vote) is important and counts!

Will you get out and vote already?!