Have you seen Instant Articles on Facebook?

Instant Articles was developed to make it easier for you and your readers to view and share your posts. When sharing your articles through Facebook, Instant Articles provides a fast loading version of your article while staying within Facebook, allowing for your viewers to have a more efficient viewing experience, that also allows them to see other articles that you have posted that might also be of relevance to the viewer.

To use Instant Articles all you need is Facebook and an active blog. Then it is as simple as connecting your website, creating a style to match, and creating articles.

To connect your website, you will need to add the provided Instant Articles authorization id to your website and your website URL where prompted in the “Connect Your Site” section of the setup. If your blog is not active enough and/or doesn’t get enough reader views, Facebook will throw up a flag that deems your website as having “minimal readership” and will not allow you to utilize Instant Articles until you have met their standards. However, there is no set of listed minimum standards to reference (to view these policies, see Instant Articles policies).

The styling portion of the Instant Articles is fairly basic, you can either customize the default style or create a new style(s). This is where you can change your logo, background colors, font, font size and color, and more to resemble your website.

Instant Articles has the ability to import your blogs/articles from your website. Before you can take advantage of this feature you must submit your blogs/articles for review. To do this, you need to have at minimum of 10 articles to submit. If you are blogging with WordPress, there are plugins available that convert your articles into the format needed.

Instant Articles isn’t only about the efficiency of article viewing. You can also create “Call-To-Action Units” that can help with building contact lists for email marketing, increase page likes, or prompt your audience to download your mobile app. There is also an option to use the monetization feature to make money with Facebook ads.


Sound like something you might be interested in? Contact us, we can help get you set up and on your way to grow your audience.