Keeping your website up to date is key to having a successful online presence!

It has been said again and again, but keeping your website up to date is key to having a successful online presence! The internet is constantly changing, what is currently trending might not be in a year or two. If you aren’t taking advantage of keeping your online presence in tip-top shape, you could be losing out on much more than you think.

Take a moment and look at your website. Not just to glance it over, but take note of the details on it.  Overall, do you like how your website looks? Does it represent you or your company in a positive way?


Is it viewable from multiple devices (i.e. cell phone, tablet, or desktop)?

  • If not, you aren’t reaching your maximum audience. People are always alternating between devices. However, if someone is trying to look up something on the fly and can’t bring up your website on their phone, chances are they will move on to the next option.

When you click from page to page, is the theme consistent, or does it look like you have left the website?

  • A jumbled website can be misleading to the viewer. If it feels like you are jumping from site to site (even though you haven’t), your potential client can become confused and frustrated, and leave your website.

Is the information up to date?

Have you expanded on the services you provide, or maybe there is one you no longer offer?

  • Potential clients don’t know what you have to offer if you don’t tell them. Don’t leave them guessing, tell them what you do and real them in with what sets you apart from your competition.

Do you have a portfolio? Are there projects that you have completed that aren’t there?

  • Show your audience what you’ve been working on. If you haven’t added anything new in a while, one might get the impression that you are not active in your line of work.

Are the methods for contacting you current?

  •  If your potential client can’t reach you, chances are they will look elsewhere.

Are you ranking in search engines?

  •  If not, one possibility is that you could have poor SEO. What search engines are looking for is continuously evolving, it is a good idea to keep tabs with your designer about keeping your SEO as effective as possible. Search engines also keep track of how often you update your website, this it to keep the most relevant and up to date information in the top-ranking spots.


After answering these questions, if you are having doubts that your website is in the condition you would like it to be, give a call. We can help you get the most out or your website, whether it be some thoughtful updates or a whole new website.