Three reasons why you shouldn’t use online website generators

Websites are a specialty of ours here at Grey Goose Graphics. Of those clients that come through our doors asking questions, one that comes up a lot in our discussions is, “Couldn’t I just build my own website with an online editor?” The answer to that question is not as cut and dry as you may think. It also presumes that building a website only requires the ability to place elements on a page to be visible to the public. Unfortunately for many DIY’ers, this isn’t the case. Here are 3 reasons why Grey Goose Graphics should build your site instead:

  • Firstly, we’d like to debunk is that website building is just a matter of making information about your company visible to the public. It that was the case, there’d be no need for graphic designers in the first place. For the same reason that brochures are made by us instead of those who don’t do it professionally, websites should be visually constructed by a designer. Things like positive and negative space, structuring, flow, user interface, and other design best practices run through our avian goose veins. We live design every day and can make a website more visually appealing than non-professionals.


  • Secondly, online generators aren’t website creators anymore than a saw and hammer are house creators. We can’t stress this point enough. Even aside from visual considerations, there is a bounty of knowledge one must possess for the guts, of both a house and a website, to be properly built. Things like Search Engine Optimization, security, mailers, and functionality are as important, if not more important, than how your website looks. You’d be hard pressed to find a DIY site that operates as cleanly and efficiently as one of ours, or one that ranked well with google, as our sites typically do. Tools placed in the hands of professionals create the best things.


  • Thirdly, paying to have your site built professionally saves you money. Hear us out. Grey Goose has rebuilt many sites that were originally built by an online generator. The reason for this varies, but most of the time it comes from the original site not fulfilling the requirements of the business. DIY sites are quickly outgrown. Paying for a website with both your time and your financial resources will only hurt your business. Grey Goose Graphics will exceed your expectations the first time.


If you are thinking about building a site for your company or business, let us do the heavy lifting for you. You’ll be glad you chose us, and Grey Goose Graphics will be happy to be a part of your team.