Capturing Outdoor Events!

Now that summer is in full effect, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors!  Biking, boating, hiking… whatever your outdoor activity is you will need to make sure you are capturing it properly!  Here are some quick tips for shooting outdoors.

Using your cell phone is the easiest way to shoot photos and videos, but make sure it’s protected!  One slip of the hand and your phone could fall and shatter!  There are many drop resistant, water proof and UV protected phone cases on the market that are perfect for your everyday activities!

If you are using a DLSR camera on sunny day, you’re going to want to shoot in the shade and never directly into the sunlight… unless you use a fill flash, reflector, and UV Filters.   These will help capture those great images in bright light!

Now if you are in motion and unable to hold your phone or camera, a mountable camera is your best option!   GoPro is the leader in mountable cameras and their versatile size is ideal for just about every event!   With amazing shooting resolution and low light capabilities, capturing your activity has never been easier!

At Grey Goose Graphics we capture everyday events using a variety of techniques and cameras! Click here to check out some of our video work!