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11 things you should consider having on your websites homepage

You only get one chance to make a first impression. In today’s world of technology, a lot of times that first impression is through your website. To be certain that you are making the most out of this opportunity the home page of your website should have the following items:


Your Logo

How is the user supposed to know who you are if you don’t tell them? Your logo is the easiest and most recognizable way to accomplish this.

Easy to use navigation

If your navigation isn’t clean and intuitive to use, your potential customer will become frustrated if they cannot find what they are looking for and most likely find an alternative website.

A headline

To complement your logo, this will reinstate who you are in the case that your logo doesn’t exactly spell it out.

A sub-headline or Mission Statement

This gives just a little bit more information about what exactly it is that you provide, whether it be a product or service.

Calls to action

If you aren’t intriguing the user to click further through your website, you could be missing out on potential business. Common CTA’s are “read more”, “learn more”, “contact us”, etc.

Quality Images

Images can arguably be just as important as text. Users want a good visual experience when searching through websites. If your images are of poor quality, out of focus, outdated, or just a bad shot, this can affect the user’s opinion of your website (you).

Overview of services/features

It’s always good to elaborate on what it is you have to offer. However, you don’t want to give away too much here, just enough to get them to click one of those ideally placed call to action buttons so that you can take the time and fully explain your products/services.


Your potential customer wants to see what other people think of you, so tell them.

Contact Information

If they can’t get ahold of you, you’re missing out on an opportunity to gain a customer.

Social Media

This one isn’t necessarily something you have to have. However, it is highly recommended that if you have active Social Media(s) to add them. It not only helps with SEO (search engine optimization) but, also tells the user that you are active in growing your business.


A perfect place to recap on a few items: Logo, Mission statement, Quick links, and Contact Info.


This may seem like a lot of information and can easily make your homepage seem cluttered. However, with an appropriate design, this information can easily remain clean and simple to follow.

It’s not to say that if your website is missing some of these items, that you would be doomed, but having them definitely increases your chances to make a memorable first impression.  Contact us and let us help you make that great first impression.