Grey Goose Graphics – Spreading our wings with Public Safety Check – Fire/Rescue

This week we officially released a new product for the fire service called Public Safety Check – Fire/Rescue.  This web-based solution offers first responders the ability to perform online truck checks to ensure their trucks and equipment are in a state of readiness. (We have partnered with an EMS agency as we put the final touches on the EMS version which we hope to have live in May of this year.  A law enforcement version is in the works as well as a contractor’s version not far behind it.)

As the Lieutenant responsible for our Heavy Rescue at Endwell Fire, I was overwhelmed with the process of weekly truck checks ensuring weekly visual inspections and regular functional inspections of over 750 pieces of equipment.  This fueled my determination to develop a solution which would ensure quality checks were being completed, allow multiple people to check a truck at the same time, and provide quality documentation would generate meaningful reports for the department officers.  Public Safety Check was born.

This solution is an easy to use, visual application that allows anyone with a web enabled device to complete a truck check.  There is no limit to the number of simultaneous users working on a single vehicle or across the fleet.  The system records all checks by individual pieces of equipment.  Any deficiencies are also recorded with any comments provided during the inspection.  Entries are automatically time and date stamped as well as the identification of the user completing the check is also recorded.

Truck checks are recorded by individual compartment.  Should a call come in, it can easily be picked up from where the user left off.  Should a department member not have time to complete an entire check, they can simply do one or two compartments.  The system keeps track and visually indicates to the returning member (or another member) what has been checked and/or what still needs to be checked to meet the pre-defined interval of inspections.

At pre-set intervals, automated reports are generated which report any deficiencies across the fleet and are then emailed to designated recipients. (Reports can also be printed and exported to csv files.)

Administrators also have the ability to generate reports at any time.  Report options include obtaining the status of all items on any vehicle or the entire fleet, a list of deficient items on any vehicle or across the entire fleet and a comprehensive history of any item on any truck.  (We believe the historical reports will not only assist departments with ISO rating inspections but may also have significant benefit in assisting a department should they need documentation when reporting line of duty incidents, injuries or deaths.  (Be default, historical data is stored for 4 years before being overwritten.  Options for extended data storage/archival is also available.)

This is a subscription-based application.  We have priced it so it’s not only affordable to the majority of departments out there, but with the intention of making our truck check system the gold standard in the industry across the fire, ems and law enforcement sectors.

We are in the process of onboarding the partners who assisted us with the development of this product.  It is our intention to expand our promotional activities with this product in the coming weeks with the intention of attending the major trade shows within the industry this fall and throughout 2019.

You can learn more about this solution here:

It’s exciting to be part of a team that never settles and is truly working hard to make the world a better place!

Thank you to our clients, friends and families who provide us the daily support to keep driving forward.