Flowers on trees

Photography: not only how you do it, but when you do.

There are many ideas about what makes a great photograph or video, and there are definitely some constants that one needs to think about when scheduling shoots for their office and facility. If you are shooting outside, time of day is a big deal. Golden hour shots with long shadows and striking contrast will set your photography apart from your competitors. Wide angle photos provide an expansive feel. Closer, tighter shots can focus on some of the more amazing aspects of your business. These are all things that can be controlled. Others, however, are a little harder to achieve.

There’s a golden hour daily, but did you know that the year also has a “golden hour” too? One of the best times for video and photography is approaching us: springtime.

There are few things that make a picture look better than freshly grown buds on trees and flowering plants. Combine that with optimal lighting conditions on the right time of day, the proper lens, and a photographer or videographer who knows what they’re doing, and you have a winning scenario that will blow your customers and competitors away.

We know that springtime hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s time to start planning for that perfect photo shoot or tv commercial to showcase your business when everything is looking its best. If you’ve been considering a 360 Degree Google Virtual Tour, you can’t beat spring for the stunning clarity of a Spherical Panorama.

Call us. Schedule your next session. We’ll help your business look as beautiful as it can.