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Smartphone cameras have come along way since they were first introduced. They have made it easy enough to where anyone can pull one out, point, and click. That doesn’t mean all of those shots resulted in an ideal photo. To improve your smartphone photography, follow these simple guidelines.


Clean lens

Always make sure your lens is clean! A dirty lens on any camera can ruin a perfect shot. Cell phones have an increased opportunity to get fingerprints or dust spots on the lens, from being handled, dropped in purses or tucked into a pocket. Take a moment to clean it, you wouldn’t want to regret having a photo ruined by something that could have easily been avoided.


Your composition

There are a ton of ways to ensure that you’re getting the best shot of your composition.

Rule of thirds

Whether your shooting in portrait or landscape, the rule of thirds is a good place to start when deciding on your composition. Most smartphones even have a feature where you can have this grid appear on your screen to assist as you are taking the photo. By using this rule and taking your subject out of the center or not having the horizon line in the center adds interest and helps transition from one section of the image to the whole thing.


Poor lighting can leave your subject unclear.

Too much direct light can leave your photo overexposed. In most cases this results with your image having portions where the lighter areas or far brighter than the rest of the image. However, the use of extreme lighting is a great way to get silhouetted images.

On the other end of the lighting spectrum is underexposure due to not enough lighting.  Trying to compensate the low light with a longer shutter speed increases the chances of you ending up with a burry photo.


Multiple shots

It’s never a bad thing to have too many photos. Take a step to the side, maybe even crouch down. Having a couple extra shots of your subject at different perspectives may leave you with a breathtaking outcome.


There are many more tips and techniques out there to improve your photography skills, but these tips should give you a good start. Don’t forget, if you ever need something more advanced than what your smartphone can handle, give us a call and let our team of professionals here at Grey Goose Graphics get the job done right.

Happy photographing.