Are you aware of what photos can do for your site?

If your site doesn’t capture the user’s attention at first glance, there is a chance that they won’t stick around to see if the body text has the information that they are searching for. The design of your website and the photos that are on it are the first things that a user process when they visit your site. Even if you have just redesigned your site, but the photos you have are old or of poor quality, the user might assume the information you have to offer is also out dated.

Keeping the photos on your website updated also has significant value with the search engines. Google monitors the date of your last update.  Frequent updates (including photos) is any easy way to improve your search engine optimization.  Changing the photos on your site or even just adding more show google that you are performing regular maintenance and will improve your placement in searches.

From the search engine perspective, it does not matter if you hire a photographer or use stock photos. While stock photos are nice, there is always a chance that someone else is using that exact same photo. We believe using the right photographer and or equipment is a better way to shows off your company, product or illustrate the services you provide.

Two areas that are always concerning to website owners include the following;

Product or Services:

If your company offers a product or service, showcasing photos here is a convenient way to promote them. You can show the user how nice your product is or before-and-after photos of projects that have used your services to display how valuable your products or services are. Documenting projects and/or products is a simple way to keep your site updated.  A good photographer will help you successfully convey the messaging you wish to share with your audience.

Head shots:

Head shots are a multi-purpose photo that you can implement into your site. Depending on the number of employees your company has, you might want to have all of them or maybe just a select few, ie: President, CEO, etc. Once you have these head shots your employees can also use them for their social media accounts, like LinkedIn, keeping your company looking professional.

If you need some professionally taken photos we here at Grey Goose Graphics are happy to help, contact us and let us show you how we exceed expectations.