copy writing

Three tips for writing great copy

We get it: writing copy is hard. The last thing you want to do is come off as boring or uneducated in your own industry. We write a bunch here at Grey Goose Graphics, and we have a three tips for you in case you decide to write your own copy for your own business.

Check for errors. Double-check for errors.

Whether it is for spelling, grammar, or unreadable sentences, check and double-check. Your customers will pick up on small errors in your copy as fast as you can post it on Facebook, a brochure, or your website.

It helps to have a second or third person go over your copy with a fine-tooth comb and a red pen. It may be a hassle, but the professionalism that you display to customers will more than make up for it.

If you aren’t sure of a spelling or hyphenation, check the internet! It is rife with incredible resources.


Be Concise, but not pithy.

Being too terse can really make your business seem unfriendly or can make your copy seem uninformative. It is ok to reiterate occasionally. On the other side of the coin, make sure that once you’ve said what you need to say, stop typing. Once you’ve stepped away from the keyboard, have a second or third person read it over to make sure its understandable and not too wordy.


Be Content Rich.

Don’t write your content for the sake of having content. Saying that your business provides “great customer service” is all well and good, but saying that your business provides “24/7 call-in customer care, a two-year replacement guarantee, and six-month accidental coverage” is a night and day difference in quality of copy.

After you’ve written your paragraphs, go through and look for anything that is generic and could apply to just about any business. You aren’t just any business. If you find cliché content, cut it or expound. Don’t say that your product is better that others, say why it’s better.

This is not only a good practice for the benefit of your readers, but it greatly improves you Google Ranking if the copy makes it to your website.

Special note for website copy:

It used to be that short, bulleted lists with relevant keywords were the key to getting good rankings in search engine results. Now, things have shifted in the opposite direction. It is no longer only about giving bare-bones keyword lists, but about lengthier, naturally written, keyword-rich copy. Search engines have advanced algorithms that know when you are trying to trick them. For the web, write as much as you can without fluffing it up unnaturally, up to 1200 words per page.


We could go on and on about what it takes to write good copy, but if you follow the three suggestions outlined here, your content will be elevated to the next level. As always, if you find yourself in a situation where you can’t write your own, Grey Goose Graphics is always available to lend a hand.

Happy writing.