Choosing the right printer for the job…

We are fortunate to work on a variety of projects with numerous clients every day.  Although we are best known for our Web Design & Development and Photography & Video Services, our team routinely completes traditional graphic design & print production projects.  We are repeatedly asked “Who should I use for a printer?”

Selecting a printer is just as important as developing your concept or selecting a designer.  Having a great design with solid content that is poorly printed or distributed can be an expensive and disastrous mistake.

Not every printer has the same capabilities and may not be appropriate for every print job.  When selecting a printer, we consider each the following for every job:

  • Is the print shop locally owned?
  • Do we have a history with the printer?
  • How fast do I need the items?
  • What is the quantity of items needed?
  • Can the job be done digitally or does it require a press?
  • Are there special paper requirements?
  • Does the job require special finishing?
    • Folding?
    • Binding?
    • Die Cutting?
    • Hole Punching?
  • Where does the final product need to be delivered to?
  • Are mailing or other distribution services required?
  • What is the cost of printing?

Like most design studios, we have established “go to” vendors who handle a large percentage of our printing needs. We believe in supporting local vendors who we have existing relationships with.  These relationships have many non-measurable benefits vs. simply hiring a random shop to run a print job.  It’s not uncommon for one of our vendors to help us improve the order by adjusting quantities, having another set of eyes proofing our work or helping us meet the occasional unrealistic tight timeline that most likely would be impossible with another vendor.

With that said, it’s important to note that we truly look at each job independent of the last.  We believe there is value in reviewing competitive pricing and understanding other shop offerings and capabilities.  It’s also essential to have an established network of printers ready to step in when your “go to” vendor is unable to help you on a specific job.

If you need help with your print concept design, production, or selecting a printer, contact us!  We are happy to help!