Old photos, turn them into video!

Every grandparent has them, shoe box after shoe box full of photos.  You could spend hours combing through the childhood photos reliving the memories from that moment.  Why not convert those photos and memories into a video to share with your friends and family!

Still videos are the best way to create an experience and preserve the memories for years to come!   Now you can not only share those childhood images with your friends and family but still videos are perfect for birthdays, an anniversary, or a holiday present!  Adding some fitting music and graphics only enhances the experience!

The same concept pertains to your business.  Sometimes video production may not be in the budget or it may not be the look for the client, that’s where still video comes in.   You may already have photos archived that are not being used which means you are half way there!   We often build still videos for banquets, conferences and website home pages… but the possibilities are endless!

At Grey Goose Graphics we use the latest technology to to create cutting edge videos out of your photos. Contact us today!