Why can’t I keep up?

A few weeks back we received a call from a client who has been with us since we opened our doors in 2006.  They requested a meeting to discuss their overall marketing, and to follow on a recent mailing we sent regarding the integration of Google Street View into their website.

At our meeting we discussed their use of a variety of our service offerings and evaluated the effectiveness of each, as well as their overall marketing plan.  Their website was up to date, they were using email marketing on a regular basis, video was integrated into their social media platform and their TV spots were appearing as scheduled.  Not only did their analytics look awesome, but they were about 5 weeks from closing the books on one of their most successful years since they opened for business.

With all the positive happenings with their business and the products we mange for them, we were excited, however it was obvious something was upsetting them.  After a bit of poking and prodding, they shared their overall frustration with their marketing plan.  In short, their concern was “Why can’t I keep up?”

As a business owner they were very determined to succeed, however they felt bombarded with the rapidly evolving marketing products and strategies.  They went on to explain that in addition to using Grey Goose Graphics, they were being solicited by local TV & Radio, phone directories, on line directory services, digital advertisers, the local paper (selling print and digital) and several others they classified as “Telemarketers looking to make some fast cash by signing me up for something I don’t even understand.”  The conversation continued about social media, email marketing, video production, 360-degree photography, interactive advertising and more.

In 30 seconds, they had effectively replaced my excitement with their feelings of being overwhelmed and confused.  It was obvious that they had been focused on trying to learn as much about their marketing as possible, however at some point, they had reached the point of saturation and the eagerness to learn and understand had been replaced with frustration.

Over the next hour we talked about their success and what they felt was driving it.  We talked about their goals and the marketing plan they had in place.  We discussed what was working well, what could be better or what might be something different to try.  We looked at their budget, what would fit their style and what would be fun for them to include in the coming year.

At the end of the conversation we actually made several minor changes to their plan and scheduled a few new projects for the coming year.

What we learned was it was not an issue of keeping up, understanding the technology, or even being able to afford the implementation.  The problem was that on a daily basis they had been desensitized to possibilities and benefits to them by the overselling of each product by multiple vendors all claiming that they had a superior product that was the one item needed for them to succeed.

We are fortunate to have built our studio’s success on three basic principles.

  • We provide exemplary customer service.
  • We deliver state-of-the-art products.
  • We maximize our client’s return on investment with each and every interaction.

We believe it is our responsibility to communicate the evolution of products and services which may be helpful to our clients.  But, we will NEVER simply sell an item or service if it does not make sense.

We offer businesses and organizations of every size the opportunity to work with an independent agency with access to services and products which span many platforms.  It’s our responsibility to “keep up” and help you make informed decisions about what is right for you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or you “can’t keep up”, contact us today for a no obligation discussion about your marketing initiatives.  We are confident we can exceed your expectations.