Google Virtual Tours – Once a luxury, now a necessity.

A common theme for us has been acceptance of change. We always try to stay ahead of that change and offer services that people are going to need. It is interesting to watch as things a business needs to be relevant lenses into the realm of what we once considered cutting edge. Of course, this will occur with any useful technology or platform.
Not that many centuries ago, print media went from rarity to ubiquity, and to stay ahead, business needed to evolve into using print materials to stay relevant. Then ease of access to mailing gave us the postcard, the mailer, the postal brochure, and many other formats for reaching a wider customer base. In the 90’s, websites went from being a luxury to a necessity during the Dot Com Boom. Now that more businesses have access to high quality photography and video services, a business must have solid and appealing content to put on websites and print materials.
This is all to say that things that were once groundbreaking eventually worm their way into omnipresence. One such technology that is becoming more integral to a successful presence in reality is, ironically, a virtual tour of your location accessible through Google maps. Being able to see a venue, restaurant, or store before going there is one of those services that people expect from a reputable company.
It isn’t just a frivolous service either. Having availability to preview an experience in our extremely busy lives can make the difference between being considered as an option to being ignored. A beautiful virtual tour of your store or restaurant can give your customers a better idea of what you are so they can make more informed decisions.
We are more than happy to tell you about cutting-edge tech that can give you a serious boost over the competition, but we also want to inform you of things that you should have, that have been tried and tested, and is part of a solid presence for any company, both virtual and reality.
As always, if you ever do require a service we blog about, Grey Goose Graphics is more than happy to help you get what you need.