Going Live!

Before we go, let me take a selfie.   The world is evolving rapidly, what was once a simple slogan and a snap of the camera has transformed into much more.

Going “Live” is now the new norm and taking over pretty much every social media platform!   Instagram and especially Facebook are the leaders in going Live.  What started as an opportunity for news outlets to broadcast breaking news, is now at everyone’s leisure.  Every user has the ability to broadcast Live, and its purpose is widely used.   From breaking news, tragic events,  to celebrations and business sales there is an opportunity for everything.

This means you have to turn the camera on yourself and let the world see you in real time!  For some, that alone is the scare factor to not use it, but it is a growing and widely used trend!  Imagine all your viewers tuning in, interested with what you have to say!  Imagine the same for your business and your products!  That’s where Grey Goose Graphics comes into play, we make it painless!  You don’t have to only use a cell phone or tablet, we can set up a professional production to make sure your Live shot keeps your viewers engaged!

Lets go Live together!  Contact us today!