social media

The reason you need to be using Social Media

We’ve talked about the basics of social media before, and even included some tips and tricks on how to successfully market yourself with Facebook. Problem is, many don’t see the value of a good social media presence, and therefore don’t put any resources towards it. Read on, and find out what’s the big deal about social media and why hiring Grey Goose Graphics can be a huge boon to your survival as a business.

Why is Social Media important for your business?

 A solid Facebook presence is important. It’s often overlooked as something that’s important to a small or medium sized business because of the lack of immediate response or somewhat intangibility of its effect. Maintaining a quality feed on Facebook is a long-haul venture. Top-of-Mind Awareness should be a primary goal of a solid media presence. This means that when someone needs something that you offer, your brand is the first one that comes to mind, and therefore the one with the most credibility from the outset. A customer may not even look elsewhere for an estimate or a product simply because you’ve been on their feed for the past few months, and that’s where Facebook really shines.

Organic Reach (unpaid appearances of your post on a customers feed) isn’t what it used to be. Which is why careful management and analysis of your post metrics is integral to a successful social media presence. Grey Goose will create content and post your content, but just because a post went out, doesn’t mean it’s the last time we can use that post. Since organic reach doesn’t cover all your followers, making a repost is a good strategy to reach more of them.  (This is one of the many things we are changing.)  Consistent posting will help you reach more of your followers in any given month.

What about paid Facebook advertising for special promotions?

 Part of the reason social media advertising is effective is that it can be used to set up a unique campaign based on specific audience. Facebook has paid options to advertise these sales and events, and that’s the best way to reach new people on Facebook or guarantee that your existing followers see your post. This goes beyond Top-of-Mind Awareness and can move your customers to react with the right ad and a compelling call to action.

 What do you need to do to make my presence successful?

 Communication with Grey Goose Graphics is key. If we know what’s going on at your company in a month before we create posts for that month, it can save you time and allow us to create content that helps your customers know what’s happening with your company.

New products, sales, new services, seasonal promotions, images of staff, and events can help us make a month of posting that delivers.

 What do you get if you use Grey Goose to manage your account?

 The number of posts is entirely up to you, but we urge at least five posts a month. Remember we can recycle some posts to make sure you get maximum exposure.

Grey Goose will look at your analytics every month and determine the best post schedule and kind of content for your feed. We will use this information for the next month to create even better tailored content for your company.

Best of all, you get a consistent presence that is finely-tuned to make sure your customers think of you when they need something.