Introducing G-Rover

After several months of design and in-house development we are proud to announce the latest addition to the Grey Goose Graphics Production team… G-Rover.  G-Rover is a fully remote vehicle which carries a camera that will be used for a variety of production services at our studio.  From remote movement of a 360 degree video camera to quickly capturing 360 degree photos in sequence for Google Street view, G-Rover will provide us with additional acquisition options.  While configured for smaller cameras using a standard ¼-20 mount, G-Rover has the payload capability of carrying larger cameras if desired.

Pronounced Grover, G-Rover has four 118 rpm planetary motors.  These motors share the torsional load over multiple planet gears allowing them to work well when higher torque is needed. In a planetary gear motor, the input shaft drives the central (sun) gear, which then turns the surrounding (planet) gears. This arrangement allows each of the planet gears to deliver torque in perfect synchronization with the others, which leads to greater output capacity and takes the pressure off of each individual gear.

The motors are controlled by a 60A Roboclaw motor controller.  With its multi mode interface it can be controlled from USB, RC radio, serial devices, analog and or microcontrollers such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Dual quadrature encoders with up to 19.6 million pulses per second are supported. In addition, a wide range of sensor inputs including potentiometers and absolute encoders are supported. Roboclaw’s close loop functionality creates absolute control over speed, velocity and direction regardless of loading changes. At the heart of Roboclaw is a high performance motion control intelligence which achieves a higher precision of control while providing better motor performance in open or closed loop modes. With Roboclaw’s synchronous regenerative capabilities it will charge a supply battery during slow down or breaking action. With it’s advance circuitry it can also change direction during full throttle without damage! Roboclaw also incorporates a lithium cutoff mode protecting batteries from damage.

Remote control functionality is provided by the integration of an Optic 5, 5-channel sport radio.  It is the perfect transmitter with its simple-to-use design and advanced 2.4GHz technology.  It’s paired with a Minima 6T micro receiver which utilizes advanced 2.4GHz AFHSS technology and features an exclusive, dual-diversity Mini Boosted Omni-Directional Antenna (M-BODA).

Since this vehicle may be used to acquire 360 degree photos or video where it is not desirable to have an operator’s image captured, G-Rover is also equipped with a secondary camera for navigation providing the operator with First Person View (FPV) capabilities.  The front mounted ½.5 inch SONY CCD  camera is responsive and capable in working in a variety of lighting levels.  The signal is transmitted using a Boscam 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter.  The signal is received and reviewed on a 7inch LCD monitor with an integrated receiver from Boscam.

Rolling on Gladiator SC 2.2″/3.0″ M2 tires which are mounted on custom wheels which integrate with the 12mm motor hubs, this buggy weighs in just under 14 pounds (sans camera).  This includes the dual 5000MAH 3S Lipo packs which provide almost a full day of operation on a single charge.

We think we have a winner here as we’ve already been contacted by other organizations and had initial discussions about producing these vehicles for them.

G-Rover is already being scheduled for use with upcoming projects.  If the use of this technology is of interest to you, please contact us to learn more about how it’s incorporation into your project will benefit you.

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