Social media can boost your business. What does it take?

How do you have an impactful presence on social media, and Facebook specifically? Grey Goose has a lot of experience with social media and trust us when we tell you, it isn’t the easiest thing to do. There’s more to marketing than just posting a few times a month or right around the times your business picks up during the year. Social presence requires constant attention, consistent posting schedules, attention to statistics and data, and a thorough knowledge of your demographic.

So what does it take?


A post now and again is nice, but an inconsistent presence on Facebook will hurt your image. You’re an active company and it is best to appear that way. You want to make sure you don’t spam your followers, but you don’t want to make them feel like you don’t care about getting your message to them. There’s a sweet spot between bothering your followers and engaging with them.

It is hard to maintain consistency when you’ve got a full load on your plate running your business, but it can often be in your best interest to hire someone with experience to make these posts for you.

Statistics and Data:

There are many ways to find out who is watching and following you. The many different metrics you have available can sometimes be overwhelming, but it is valuable data. It is best to pay attention to what is working the best: what gets shared, what gets liked, and what people are saying about your business based on your posts.

It takes time to analyze this information and can take a keen eye. You can develop this ability with time, but trained professional can get you moving right along and make your social media marketing a success.

Know your demographic:

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s often overlooked by business owners when it comes to social Bluehat marketing. If you own a night-club and you want to get noticed by the type of people who frequent nightclubs, it would be ill-advised to schedule your posts for the mornings when many of them are still asleep. Remember, there are other people vying for their attention, and your post could get buried far back in their timelines.


On top of knowing when to post, knowing who to advertise to and how to snag their likes requires attention to the data and repetitious testing of different ad styles and demographic targeting.

Social Marketing is nuanced and can be very confusing. It is possible to learn the ropes yourself, but hiring a dedicated team with different perspectives and many combined years of experience can be even more cost efficient and effective.