Male hands writing notes with pen in notebook

Writing Effectively

How often do you have a great idea, rush to your computer to write out what you want to say, and lose the flow? Few things are more intimidating than that fresh, blank document and blinking text cursor when you’re trying to reach out effectively to your client base.

If you can hold on to the thought long enough to start rapidly tapping out your message, you may come to find the topic derailed half-way through the first paragraph.

For the new-to-writing business person, coming up with worthwhile content for a brochure, website, or social media campaign can be a daunting task. You may repeatedly ask yourself ‘How do I sell my product/services without sounding dumb?’

Here are a few simple pointers.

  • Break it down. Often, inexperienced writers try to express too many points in one sentence. List all the separate ideas you want to convey on a notepad, and give your words some breathing room.
  • Make an outline. Give yourself a roadmap of all the ground you want to cover. Stick to it.
  • Prioritize. Make sure your most important points get the most attention.
  • Grammar counts! If grammar isn’t your strong suit, get a second opinion on whether your sentence structure makes sense.
  • Remember your audience. Not everyone you want to communicate with knows your profession as well as you do – be sure to use layman’s terms when appropriate.
  • When in doubt, contact Grey Goose Graphics. We have experience in crafting content to meet your goals, or we can simply polish what you already have written.
  • If you need professional help, consider to hire annotated bibliography maker.