Constant Contact Surveys & Feedback

The busy holiday shopping season will be upon us before we know it. Are you prepared? Are you maybe wishing you could anticipate the upcoming trends?

If you are not receiving feedback from your clients and/or target demographic but would like to, keep reading.

If you are already, how often do get the information you are looking for?


Surveying your consumers

is an excellent way to learn what’s working and what’s not, and implement a new strategy or to tweak what’s already in place.  If you are looking for some input because you’ve had a recent expo or event, a sale, or you’re looking to launch a new service, getting feedback can be vital. More importantly – a survey lets your customers know that you care about their business. Personal, friendly interaction plays an essential role in customer retention.

As a Constant Contact Solutions Provider, Grey Goose Graphics enables your company to learn from consumers. We can provide a custom-tailored survey to ask the questions you want answers to, enabling you to organize, plan, and take decisive action. Surveys can be linked to through emails, or posted on your website or Facebook.

Want to sweeten the deal? You can thank your survey-takers for their feedback with a follow-up email containing a special coupon or offer.

Sound good? Give us a call to inquire about getting in-touch and staying in-touch with your customers.