Building the Brand

In a previous post, we talked about branding and logo recognition. We’re going to expand more on that in this post, taking the brand beyond the logo. Put simply, a brand isn’t just the logo. It is comprised of colors, fonts, style. At Grey Goose Graphics, when a client builds a logo with us, they don’t just walk away with a great design; we provide them with the tools they need to brand themselves successfully: A Branding Guidebook.color-swatches

COLOR: There are whole books devoted to color theory, but in short, color conveys a lot about a brand, and that message can vary from region to region and person to person. The important part for you, the business owner, is to know what feelings you want to instill in the consumer when they look at your brand.

Keep in mind that colors are flexible. Royal blue and Ivory convey a different feel of elegance than Black and Silver.

FONTS: Thick, blocky fonts send a different message than spidery script fonts. San-Serif fonts are considered modern, while a Serif font are classy. Generally, your fonts will be consistent with the font(s) your logo used. Poor font choices can make reading difficult or result in a sloppy design.

Keep in mind that not all fonts will display on the web, and substitutions may have to be made.

STYLE: The style of your brand takes into consideration both the colors and font choices, but also the design elements – and that’s what we’ll focus on here. Is the style of your brand hard lines or soft edges? Does your design make use of diagonals or does it stick to a grid layout? Design choices are play an integral part of brand recognition. A brand’s style must be both consistent, yet flexible enough to work well on the web and on paper.

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