Successful TV Commercials

Have you ever thought about the number of TV commercials you are exposed to in an evening of watching your favorite shows? How many of those commercials actually stand out to you and you remembered the next day? That’s where having an effective TV commercial is an important aspect of your media campaign. Grey Goose Graphics specializes in reaching our clients audience by hitting the following points when developing every commercial concept:

What is the goal? This is the “why are we doing a commercial” point. Do you have a sale or specific product you are looking to sell? Is the upcoming season a strong time for your business? We need to nail down the reason for your commercial as the base, and the rest falls into place.

What is the message? Now that we have the goal, we need to explain the goal to your audience. This is most important part of the commercial, if the message is not conveyed properly, your audience will never become engaged with your commercial. The message needs to be simple and direct and we work hard to make sure the message is accurately and creatively delivered.

What kind of visuals? Now we get to the fun part! Story boarding is best way to express the creative ideas on to paper and it is also used as an outline for production. We will utilize several pieces of equipment unique for a large variety of different shots and angles, giving your commercial an exclusive look specific to your business. Since we own all of our equipment we keep production costs lower since we are not deferring rental fees onto our clients.

What type of Voice Over? Many business owners like to be the face or the voice of their company, yet many do not. Maintaining a consistent voice through your media campaign creates better recognition for your company. We work with professional voice talents to generate the best voice!

Music? The music in your commercial should standout but not be too overpowering. We use exclusive music tracks that will keep the viewer entertained.

Let’s bring your concept to creation! If you have questions or would like a proposal for your commercial production, contact us today!