Email Marketing – Constant Contact’s New Interface

Grey Goose Graphics is excited to share we were selected to get a personal preview of Constant Contact’s new design interface.

For those of you not currently using email marketing services from Constant Contact, let me quickly bring you up to speed. Email marketing should be an essential part of every organization’s marketing plan or strategy.

To super simplify the definition of marketing… Marketing is building awareness of a product, service or organization with the intent of shaping a behavior. The behavior might be making a purchase, engaging a service company or making a donation. Other examples of behavior modification may include creating top of mind awareness, persuading an individual or group on a movement, or eliciting a response (like an aversion to smoking). With marketing you want to cast as wide and diverse “net” as possible to get your message out, this is why many people opt to get help from companies like Salesforce. Sometimes you may be limited by your time, budget or the access you have to your audience. If you have email addresses for your audience, Constant Contact is an economical and efficient way to get your word out via email. For more marketing guidance and information see this page.

When you send something via mail or using standard email, you really have nothing to verify the receipt or interaction with your correspondence. With Constant Contact you can see who is reading you message, how they are interacting with views of a video, clicks on a link or even forwards to a friend.

Constant Contact remains committed to delivering quality products at a competitive price to their clients. We’ve seen this commitment over the last 10 years we have partnered with them. Because their values closely align with our studio, we formalized our relationship with them several years ago with additional training and certifications. We currently hold their Master Certification, the highest certification level they offer. On regular basis we are asked by the Constant Contact team to assist some of their other clients and customers with a variety of projects within our focus of operation. In addition, we participate in focus groups and pilot programs with their team. This allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology with their products.

Now… back to their new interface.

It is common knowledge that more and more tech users are using mobile devices to connect to the web. From surfing the internet, utilizing web apps or simply checking email, the numbers of user on a mobile device now out number those using a traditional computer or laptop in most markets in the Northeast. This new interface is designed to allow constant contact subscribers to design and deliver content which is optimized for mobile viewing and interaction.

While we have not played with the final version which is expected to roll out this summer, the beta version was very impressive. In addition to a new set of mobile friendly templates and features, the ability for designers to tweak individual characteristics of an email campaign has been significantly improved. It appears to include many of the features and shortcuts which has lead to their success and incorporates many new tools which design teams such as Grey Goose Graphics has been asking for.

The best part of what we have seen to date is the enhanced ability to match a client’s website or other branding by allowing additional customization options with in their interface.

Whether you are an end user or have a company such as ours, working with you for email marketing, this update will improve your interaction with your audience. We believe it will strengthen campaigns on mobile devices and connect with users who may have not had a positive interaction with a marketing campaign from certain companies until now.

If you need help with an established email campaign or require assistance with initiating email marketing for your business or organization, feel free to contact us today!