Cards for Everyone

SendOutCards – A way to say just about anything, for everyone.

If you’re like me, then you can easily spend half an hour looking at greeting cards in the supermarket, pick up a handful, debate and cringe over them for another ten minutes, and then put them all back because none of them are quite right. You could make your own card, here is how to make a waterfall card. Greeting cards are expensive, too! On the cheap side, it’s about three dollars; the really nice ones – handmade with recycled materials – are upwards of seven or eight dollars. Why spend money on a card that’s only half-right? Why not spend about a dollar plus postage on a card that you’ve personalized to be perfect for your intended recipient?

That’s right, recipient. You can send out just one card. This isn’t necessarily bulk mailing, but you can definitely do that, too. If you wanted to send a holiday card to everyone in your office, you could create one template, customize each message or photograph, and send twenty – or fifty – or more.

Bonus: there’s an app. Let’s talk about how you can create a card on the spur of the moment. Envision yourself as a realtor and you’ve just sold a house. You pull out your phone and take a nice shot of your happy clients in front of their new home. You can then go into the SendOutCards app, wish them luck and give them your thanks, while placing the picture you just took of the new homeowners on the cover of the card. Brilliant!

The cards ship out from Colorado, so your card will arrive within a week – if you’re in New York like me, it takes about four days. SendOutCards is international, too.

You don’t have to be a business owner. These cards are so affordable; you can send a personalized card for every birthday, every anniversary, every holiday, or just to say ‘you’re on my mind.’ If you are a business owner than this is an opportunity to thank your clients, your employees (employee of the month, anyone?), promote your business or marketing campaign, remind someone of an appointment – the reasons to send a card are numerous, and for such a reasonable price, why not?

Some of you reading this might be lamenting your lack of creativity. Worry not! For those creative types, this is your chance to shine and say what you want, how you want. For those aforementioned who struggle with sentiments, there’s a template system to guide you through. Customize as much or as little as you want.

Cost. I’ve mentioned that SendOutCards are super affordable. Depending on your needs – whether business or personal – you have options. SendOutCards uses a point system. You buy points, which buy cards, much like a photo stock site. You can buy a subscription, or points as you need them. Obviously, buying in bulk saves, so it’s a better deal if you’re a business, but even the average Joe will save a few dollars over purchasing convenience store cards.

Interested? Visit our website to learn more!

One more thing! SendOutCards offers a gift shop, too – but that’s a whole separate blog post. Until then!



  • There’s an app – On the go/spur of the moment customization.
  • You can send out one card, or many. Each card can be personalized.
  • Inexpensive: A card is roughly a dollar, a postcard is about 33 cents, not including the price of postage.
    • Point system cost: Subscribe or buy as much as you need, when you need it.
  • Delivery inside of a week, within NY about 4 days.
  • Templates are available. For creative types, this is your chance to shine, for those lacking artistic flair templates can guide you, worry free.