I have a great video… now what?

Your latest video has been produced, uploaded to YouTube and you’re now ready to show the world, but you want to make sure you get impact it deserves!

Be mindful that just sharing a YouTube link on your Facebook page will not get the full reach and views you’d expect it to. It’s not just YouTube links either, it can be any content that is hosted outside of Facebook!

Next time you’re in your News Feed on Facebook take a peek at all the posts that are hosted elsewhere. Notice the minimal amount of likes, comments and shares? Now look at a video, photo or article uploaded and posted directly to Facebook, the numbers will be drastically higher!

Less is more and people want the simplest way to get their information! We want something now, not in 20 seconds, not in another tab… right now, right here! Make it easier for your consumer and upload videos, photos and content directly to your Facebook page!