Why do I need Digital Video?

Not a day goes without us having a discussion about digital video.  Video is important for many reasons from improving a users experience on a website to search engine optimization benefits.

There are simply some trends you can not ignore.

  • People want to be entertained.
  • People want to watch more and read less.
  • Video is more engaging than text or static images.

Prior to us expanding our services to include in-house video production services, we did a ton of research.  We continue to follow the trends, stats and talk about them each and every day.

Recently we read a blog entry that was done earlier this year that does a great job summing it up with lots of data.  Here is the link: http://www.cmo.com/articles/2016/1/6/15-mind-blowing-stats-about-digital-video.html

If you are not using video or at least developing a plan to do so, you are quickly losing traction with your marketing efforts…

If you have any questions… be sure to let us know!